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Videos can be uploaded with any SmugMug plan, up to 20 minutes in length and in full HD (1920x1080). The maximum file size allowed for any video is 3 GB. Note: We don't keep a copy of the original video you upload; we only store and make high-quality display copies. Prepare videos for upload First, log in to your SmugMug site and launch the uploader from the navigation bar. Then choose Create New Gallery or Existing Gallery. Once the gallery is chosen, click Upload, then select the service you want to upload from Adding videos to your SmugMug site from desktop can be done in various ways. Firstly, you can simply drag and drop the videos into a gallery or into your organizer. Then, it uploads automatically. You also have options to choose to upload the videos on the existing gallery or create a new one Uploading photos & videos to SmugMug is a simple and easy process. To upload & manage photos and videos, Login to your SmugMug account and then click on the upload button that you see at top of your SmugMug homepage. Select the gallery where you want to upload photos

SmugMug is a stunning photo sharing website which allows you to upload photos & videos to your SmugMug account. SmugMug offers you to create fresh & cleanly designed galleries to showcase your photos and videos. Following is the step by step process to upload videos from your computer to the SmugMug account If you are looking for a tutorial on how to upload videos to your SmugMug account, here's one quick short video for you. In this video, we will show you how. Tip: Because all video files are processed slightly on upload to SmugMug, you can choose to Vault your originals. This way, you always have a copy in case your hard drive goes boom. We hope that everyone has a better idea of what's possible with their accounts. So go ahead, grab your bag and get out there shooting As long as your videos adhere to SmugMug's format and size/time limits, you can upload them right into your galleries. The process is exactly the same as uploading photos. If your video runs longer than 20 minutes, is larger than 3 GB, or is in an obscure format that we can't process, you'll need to edit it. My video is too long Accepted file types for uploading. Last Update: Jul 2021 • Est. Read Time: 2 MIN. You can add an unlimited number of JPEG, GIF, PNG, and HEIC files to your SmugMug account. Note: RAW files can be uploaded with a current SmugMug Source subscription. The size limitations per photo are 500 mebibytes (a bit over 500 megabytes) and 4 gigapixels

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  1. In this film we show how easy it is to upload to SmugMug.Coupons are an incredible tool to boost profits in your business. In this film we show you how to cr..
  2. All other file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF and Videos are fully supported by PicBackMan for bulk uploads to SmugMug. When people ask us what file types are supported by SmugMug, our answer is that, you can add JPEG, GIF, and PNG files to your SmugMug account
  3. How to Upload Your Videos. You probably already know that you can upload an unlimited number of HD video to every Power or Pro SmugMug account in addition to unlimited photos. Since most cameras have video functions baked right in, you've probably got quite a collection already. Put your videos into your SmugMug galleries exactly the same way.
  4. Here's what you get on every SmugMug plan, $5.99/month and up: Upload unlimited numbers of photos and videos - and have them all backed up with Amazon Web Services. Sell photo prints, photo books and photo gifts, fulfilled by SmugMug's printing partners. Track your visitors and sales using built-in analytics tools
  5. Android does support the .mp4 format, which the Mavic can be set to. You'd need to first convert the .mov files into an Android compatible format and then you should be able to upload them to SmugMug. Within the SmugMug Android app, photos and videos are allowed, however the Android device is controlling which files are videos and which aren't

In this short film Mark Cleghorn Shows you the new feature of drop on uploading for SmugMug websites.With SmugMug you can Upload unlimited photos with SmugMu.. Smugmug, in general, accepts almost all popular video formats. So, you can upload just about any video formats like.mov,.AVI, most Mpeg formats, h.264,.m4a,.m4v, and.mts. etc. SmugMug allow its users to upload unlimited videos. As far as the video file size is concerned, there is a limit SmugMug, in general, accepts almost all popular video formats. You can upload any video formats, such as.mov,.AVI, most Mpeg formats, h.264,.m4a,.m4v, and.mts. An individual video must have a size limit of 3 GB and can be 20 minutes long. SmugMug does not support some form of WMV files and.MOV files

SmugMug allows you to upload HD quality videos. You can simply share SmugMug videos to Facebook and vice versa by using the share button. But, if you want to move or transfer videos from Facebook to SmugMug, you need to do it using your computer. First, download the videos to computer and then upload them to SmugMug account Upload with the connector. Select the photos you want to upload in Lightroom CC. Right-click after you have all photo (s) selected, then click Share To > SmugMug . Alternatively, in the upper-right corner, you can select the share icon and choose SmugMug When you upload your photos and videos to our website, you are giving SmugMug certain rights to use your content to provide you with our services, like the ability to display, license, and sell your content for you at your direction. SmugMug can remove your content for any reason — especially if it's nasty or you filched it. You're. SmugMug Uploader for Photos & Videos Mambo helps you automatically upload photos and videos to your SmugMug accounts from your Windows and Mac computers. It's free and endorsed by users in 130+ countries

Start uploading photos & videos to SmugMug. Choose the photos and videos to upload - in small batches or large - and PicBackMan automates the uploads to SmugMug without any hassles of constant monitoring Whether you're a custom code wizard or want a plug-and-play portfolio, we have the tools to help you showcase your work exactly how you want to. Try SmugMug free. secure. Give yourself a promotion. Upgrade your online presence beyond social shares to showcasing with a professional photo website that's all your own. Try SmugMug free. Share. We Raised the Roof: Upload 20-Minute Videos You Ask. We Deliver. We made a sizzling change that we think you'll like: Your videos can be up to 20 minutes long and 3 GB in size. Double the action, triple the fun

Upload large batches of photos and videos to your SmugMug account, with the help of this intuitive application that can back up your files automatically What's new in Smugmug Uploader Your issue may be more specific to the large videos you are uploading. We do have a bug logged around video uploads, typically related to larger videos (say 2GB and larger, or thereabouts). That is something we are investigating, and that bug could be related to the 'connection error' message you are seeing during the upload Smugmug has always been weird about videos.. and this latest update is no exception. If you create a folder just to upload the videos from your iPhone (since you are forced to upload them to your mac cause the smugmug ios app auto load function ignores them), it will not work For decades, SmugMug has put member privacy first. Please know that we do use cookies to deliver a world-class experience with optimal site functionality. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies and our stewardship of your data Submitting SmugMug Videos Guide for Families . Prepare . Uploading videos. If you are uploading from your computer you can drag and drop your chosen video to the new Tab or browse your computer, select the video you wish to upload and click 'Open'

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  1. Thanks for submitting your photos and video. You can follow the link below to upload your video directly to this website thank you so much for taking time to do it and if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 513-623-3020 or you can send me a text or email as well my email address is tom@narratuscreative.com
  2. Send to SmugMug will add a contextual menu to the Windows Explorer Shell and allow you to quickly create a new Album and upload the photos in the folder, or add the photos to an existing Album. Download the latest version (see the version history below for what's new)
  3. As of this afternoon you can now upload HEIC/HEIF files to SmugMug. The web, iOS, Android, Windows and macOS apps will accept HEIC files in the uploader; HEIC files will be uploaded to SmugMug and converted to high quality JPG. Display copies (JPG's) will be displayed, as if a JPG was uploaded. HEIC files cannot be re-downloaded
  4. In this first of two films we show you how to get up and running with SmugMug in next to no time.Starting from scratch we show you how to design your SmugMug..
  5. Additionally, you can install an upload app (for both Windows and Mac OS computers), or you can use Lightroom, Dropbox, or Lightroom, Flickr, Amazon Drive, and your mobile phone to add photos to the galleries. Honestly, there's everything. Whatever photo editing flow you use, you can easily integrate SmugMug to it
  6. SmugMug. SmugMug is a paid photo-sharing website and image hosting service which allows users to upload both HD photos and videos to their SmugMug sites. They also offer a service that helps users sell their digital and print media for photographers. Twitte

Although you'll probably mostly use SmugMug as a site-builder, because your site is customizable, you can actually use SmugMug as a storage place for all your photos/videos. So if you have stuff you're not ready to make public yet, but you want it safely hosted in one place— SmugMug is GREAT for that, at any account * Slowly load Aperture video to SmugMug But, there has to be a faster and easier way to upload the Aperture output onto SmugMug. Solution 99% of the time SmugMug can convert from whatever you upload to the ever-so-cool h.264 format which works on iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, PlayStations, and many other consumer devices. But what comes off your. SmugMug is your do-it-all photo place. Keep every pixel safe, share securely with whoever you want, or use our sales platform to make money selling prints and downloads. start doing. Photo by. Ivan Makarov. Member since. 2011 On Smugmug, I can upload photos AND stills together, and they appear side-by-side in the galleries. But I don't like the video playback of Smugmug. I'll still use it, but I also bought an acct on Vimeo which is completely separate and in no way linked to Smugmug. Sorry if I was unclear. If I had to get rid of one of them, it would be Vimeo

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Use the new SmugMug Windows app from the convenience of your Windows desktop: • Organize your pictures like a pro in a super safe place online by uploading them straight from your desktop into existing galleries. • Auto upload photos and videos to your SmugMug account. You shoot your pics and presto they auto-magically appear in your. You already know that SmugMug offers a place for all your photos to call home. Did you know how easy it was turn those photos into a stunning, professional-looking video that you can share with friends, family, and even clients? Organize, Upload, and Animate with Jared Plat Aside from allowing you to upload your pictures and videos from the editor to the online account, SmugMug Export Plugin is also capable of enabling you to manage the existing albums, as well as.

I have good news - you can do it today. Easily. Just install SmugShot, sign up for a free trial of SmugMug (you'll get a nice discount if you signup through SmugShot), and upload HD video to your heart's content. You'll need a Power or Pro account, but can use either free for 14 days. Go wild 1) Make the LR plugin and the Web upload work the same way (even if Adobe limits what you can do in the plugin, make the web upload work the same). 2) Make all replace functions (plugin via metadata update, plugin via image update, image replace via web) update all metadata fields not manually updated on Smugmug, including the results of these. To indicate you are human (and not a pesky spam-bot): What is the name of the company in this logo? You can upload, store and retrieve virtually any file in your SmugVault for a fraction of the old cost. Oh, yes. The measly $1 monthly service charge remains the same, but now: Storage is only $.14 per month, per GB. (Old cost: $.22) It costs only $.11 to upload each GB into your Vault Each video can be up to 1 GB. Although videos of any length can be uploaded, video playback is constrained to the first 3 minutes for free members, and 10 minutes for Pro members. If you're having trouble uploading a video, try converting the file to a different format

Here is what is suggested, Clear your browser history. Restart the browser. Log into the account at www.smugmug.com. Go into the Organizer. Use the upload feature from within the Organizer. Inside of the Organizer the cookie used is .smugmug and that should allow you to keep the valid for your upload. Jen Choose the gallery you want to upload to or follow the instructions to set up a new gallery. Click Create or Done. Click Flickr. Click OK, I'll Authorize It in the Flickr authorization window or tab. If you've already connected Flickr to your SmugMug account, you can skip this step. Choose which Flickr photos you want to bring over to SmugMug Browse SmugMug folders and galleries. Upload unlimited photos and videos. Save folders and galleries for offline viewing. Play full-screen slideshows within a single gallery or across multiple galleries. Mark galleries as favorites for easy, instant access. Share photos and videos via SMS, email, Twitter, and Facebook The free version of the service allows you to upload up to seven photos per week, but you can upgrade to one of two paid levels for a reasonable fee: Awesome usually costs $4.99 a month, and Pro.

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Also, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime depending on your preferences. How to make money with SmugMug. SmugMug is a photo-hosting platform. However, you can make money by selling your favorite images to prospective clients. The platform allows you to upload as many photos as you want with no stringent review processes RAW files are not in the presentation formats, so in order to view them, RAW files need to be converted to a JPEG format. Uploading RAW files for archiving purposes is a nice idea, but there are not many photo-sharing services that support RAW for.. SmugMug - full res photo storage and organization. Every photograph has a future. SmugMug is where it happens. Store, access, and share, anywhere, anytime. From phone photographers and casual point-and-shooters to full-time photography professionals, SmugMug is the app of choice for displaying, sharing and protecting your photos from anywhere Smugmug support tells me that the problem cannot possibly be something on their end of the Smugmug Publishing Manager. When I upload new images (HEIC files from my iPhone 11 Pro) from my Windows 10 PC hard drive to the Smugmug website using the Publishing Manager, the images succeed in uploading, but then the files disappear from my hard drive

You can also store side car files from LR, C1 and DXO, except that C1 really doesn't support sidecar files. (This is a knock on C1. Not a knock on smugmug.) I use google drive now to sync everything. DXO sidecars upload as they change and I can access from anywhere and even move from one machine to another while editing a project By the end of the weekend, I'll be able to post my first version of the program I've written to upload pictures from Elements albums to SmugMug. I was able to upload over 1,000 pictures last night without any issues using it. I just have a few more finishing touches to add before I put it out there upload_threads controls the number of parallel upload operations allowed when sending content to SmugMug. Keep in mind that too many or too few threads can be harmful to performance. Also keep in mind that increasing file_threads or upload_threads means that more files will be loaded in memory at the same time SmugMug have a very simple set up where you can give a URL to someone who can then upload images direct into your gallery. This would be great for instance if you want to share and host a gallery of images taken by wedding guests along with the images you have taken as the photographer When I upload new images (HEIC files from my iPhone 11 Pro) from my Windows 10 PC hard drive to the Smugmug website using the Publishing Manager, the images succeed in uploading, but then the files disappear from my hard drive. On any subsequent operations I attempt to perform on these images, Lightroom complains that it can no longer find the.

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  1. The SmugMug plug-in makes these tasks easy to accomplish. This is a big time saver if SmugMug is the final destination for your photos. You can also organize your cloud archives using the same format as your existing catag software. For smooth photo management, this plug-in is a must-have accessory
  2. SmugMug is considered an all-in-one photography and video platform, where users can do everything from upload and showcase their work, to create an online store to sell prints and digital media. The goal of SmugMug is to act like a virtual portfolio that makes sharing projects easy but still gives you a way to make money on the side

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With a Pro plan, you can also create custom price lists for each gallery and client. Cloud storage. One of the best things about SmugMug is that every website comes with unlimited cloud storage for your images. You can upload photos up to 200 MB each and 1080p videos up to 20 min in length To upload and host HD video on SmugMug you have to pay $149 a year, which comes out to $12.50 a month. Of course if you're a semi-serious photographer you're not just paying for the video hosting

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If you're in the business of creating stunning photos, SmugMug promises to get you set up to earn revenue in about five minutes. Photographers can upload their images to SmugMug and begin selling them in a variety of ways. The photos can be sold and downloaded right from the site The latest Capture One sale includes a one year trial of SmugMug. I would assume the reason this service is coupled together with Capture One is that the two can work together directly? When I was on Lightroom you could upload directly to some social sites but uploading directly to a photo sharing service in some ways would make even more sense Chris reasons this point well in the 'About' section: You don't put ads in your photo albums at home, he writes.Plain and simple, SmugMug is about making it easier for people to upload, share and print their photos and keep their memories alive on a one-of-a-kind website Smugmug is normally pretty quick to upload for me unless my Internet provider is having a problem, my anti-virus is downloading updates, etc. They offer several ways to upload so you might try them all to see if one works better for you than the others

SmugMug has raised the length limit on video from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. With a 1 GB size limit, I think this makes more sense. However, it's still 2 minutes short of a 64 MB, 22 minute reunion video I need to upload! But I'll take whatever we can get Now, unfortunately Smugmug doesn't support direct uploads from iPhoto, so you would have to export the images from iPhoto to your laptop, and then you can upload them using the Smugmug app. I believe this is a similar process for iCloud, in that you would have to download them to your computer and then upload them through the app SmugMug (20% off, 14 day free trial); www.clarkkentphotography.smugmug.com (demo site); Step 2: Upload a few more galleries and create our Portfolio gallery. In this video, we'll fill out our site by creating a few more galleries and uploading more photos In Lr4.0 and older versions, upload handling is inefficient and large uploads can crash Lightroom, but from Lr4.1 you can easily upload up to SmugMug's maximums. With Lr4.1 and later, you also get an upload percent-complete report in the task progress bar, and the ability for upload cancels to take effect immediately SmugMug Source is a new unlimited RAW photo storage service from Flickr's current owners.Unlike typical cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, SmugMug Source is designed explicitly for photographers. This means you can do things like preview, sort, and organize your RAW files online—or on any device—just like you can with regular JPEGs

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  1. You can upload pictures to imgur for sharing with the internet (Reddit, FB, or other sites). Upload unlimited photos and Gifs and share them with social media sites 21. PostImage. PostImage claim to store your images for a lifetime which you can get even without registration. When you upload an image to the site, you can resize it
  2. You can upload photos up to 50 MB each and videos up to 3 GB each. When it comes to uploading the images and videos, it takes less than 30 seconds to upload 65 MB. A major part of this speed is because of drag and drop uploading feature. One of the salients features that makes SmugMug unique is its online backup service
  3. If you would like to upload old photos simply cut and paste those photos back into the watched folder. If you wish your guests to have access to all the photos for your event, you can use a Smugmug URL (which can also be edited to your prefence) to add a link to your sharing preferences

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SmugMug is a cloud storage and website building service based in the USA. Despite its amusing name, it is a service that is about as professional as a cloud storage platform for photos, images, and videos could ever be. First launched 18 years ago in 2002, SmugMug has risen to be one of the most successful and popular online media storage. Unlimited photo and video storage is applied through the SmugMug range, although videos have a maximum file size of 3GB and a limit of 20 minutes per video. There are three ways you can upload.

Photo and Video Downloads give you the power of instant gratification. SmugMug has over 30 different digital download options that you can price and sell, between various formats, sizes and whether or not they include your Printmark. Pro Tip: Gallery backups are perfect for delivering files to customers that have paid for your services in advance If you're still Previewing the new SmugMug, you'll still be the only person to see those changes. You can click Done as many times as you wish - in fact, you'll use this button many, many times as you customize your website. Publish New SmugMug makes your new SmugMug site live to the rest of the web, and you can only do this once. Your old. Explorer for SmugMug Pro. $1.99. Browse, view, upload and manage SmugMug photos and videosWarning to iOS 8.0 - 8.3 users: Due to an unknown bug, the app can't to your... iOS. Explorer for. SmugMug Source is a subscription add-on to your current SmugMug plan starting at only $3/month for up to 512 GB, and $5/month for each TB. With SmugMug Source, you can upload your RAW files and any associated JPGs and .xmp files via Adobe Lightroom and/or any of our mobile or desktop apps. Then in your SmugMug account, manage and access those. You can share your pictures and videos at any time or even create collaborative albums so you and your friends can privately share photos. 3. Amazon Photos: Best way to share photos for Prime members SmugMug: Quality photo sharing website You can upload and resize your photos without even creating an account. If you do create an account.

To that end, its free ad-based version provides 100GB of storage; you can view or download photos on an unlimited number of devices but only upload from three. You also have to access your account. You can add non-Google fonts to your SmugMug site too. I used Font Squirrel to create my own @font-face kit. SmugMug doesn't have an option to upload fonts, so you need upload your new fonts online. I have a non-SmugMug site too, so I upload them to my other website. Once you've upload your font (s) you need to add this to your Theme's.

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  1. This is a pay service, and a hefty one at that ($149.95 for HD). Unlike the Vimeo pricing, this includes unlimited HD embeds. If you do the math, you may discover that SmugMug works out better in the long-run for you if you offer a lot of embedded HD video plays. SmugMug evokes a premium, high end experience like being a Mercedes dealership
  2. These can be added prior to upload in photo editing software, or after upload using the SmugMug caption and Keyword tool. How does SmugMug handle metadata? Any keywords, captions and descriptions added prior to upload become part of the file meta data and stay with that file. SmugMug will display these captions and keywords, too
  3. This information might be about you, your preferences or your device and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to. The information does not usually directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalized web experience. Because we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some types of cookies

Furthermore, you can upload GIFs and videos on SmugMug. Visit the video below for more information about SmugMug. 8. Google Photo - Photo Sharing Site Google Photo. Google Photo is a fantastic website that started as an offshoot of Google+. The site is well designed with an attractive and straightforward interface • Upload photos & videos to popular cloud and photo services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Flickr, OneDrive (Business), SmugMug, Box, Zenfolio, pCloud • Transfer photos & videos directly between devices, services and NAS (e.g. OneDrive to SMB)

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From there, you can order prints and photo books for yourself or send them to friends and family at very accessible prices. Amazon Prime members get unlimited space for their photos and 5GB for videos. Plus, you can invite up to five members of your family using the Family Vault for them to see, upload, and download shared images But the main advantage that SmugMug offers is unlimited photo storage. Even though it's not sold as a photo backup solution, SmugMug is great for uploading and storing high-resolution JPG copies of your photos. Once the photos are uploaded to SmugMug, you can either set them to be public or private, and you can access them from anywhere To upload your photos in SmugMug, you need to to your SmugMug account with your username and password. Then, click on the upload button from the top menu bar. This will allow you to upload photos by browsing the files on your computer, or you can simply drag and drop them

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PicBackMan is a multi-service uploader that delivers the fastest way to upload photos and videos to all top online accounts like Flickr, SmugMug, Google Photos, Dropbox, Box, YouTube, Facebook, OneDrive and more Flickr is killing its 1TB of free storage in favor of a no-cost plan where you're limited to 1,000 photos or videos, no matter the file size. The move comes amid a raft of changes at the photo. 30 reviews of SmugMug I've been a customer for several years now and with respect to other services I've tried, SmugMug is leaps and bounds better than any of the free services, Zenfolio and so on. As only a firefox user (sometimes Safari and rarely IE), I find the tools work well. Sending email to the help desk (help@smugmug.com) almost always results in a fairly quick response Uploading is a snap. If you want to upload to an existing SmugMug gallery, just drag your photos from your Catalog to the gallery in the Publish Service and click Publish. Easy! Your images will be converted to jpg and sRGB to fit the file formats that SmugMug accepts By uploading your photos to SmugMug, you can now rest assured that your creative genius is safe. Not only is SmugMug a fantastic storage area for your digital snaps and videos, it also allows you to customize a SmugMug homepage for your various photos and videos, which you can then share with friends, family and prospective customers

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Now you can upload your mobile photos directly from your camera roll and other apps to SmugMug! Custom Video Preview Images. All SmugMug accounts can accept video files of 20 minutes in length and 3 GB in size, which is a great addition to the still photos you capture in your life On top of that, SmugMug works as a photo backup service. They have unlimited storage available for processed files, so you can upload as many image files as you want (note, there are extra fees for RAW files, see more here), and they also support video files. There's an app to help you manage your galleries, and a plugin is available for. SmugMug is a fully free app for sharing photos. Have you gathered a huge amount of photos? Bring it! You can upload unlimited photos, images, and videos to your profile. Features: You can browse all your SmugMug folders and galleries right from the app. You can mark folders or galleries as favorites for easy, instant access The Plugin allows you to connect your Lightroom account to your website so that you can upload directly from Lightroom, synchronize your galleries, and re-edit previous work. Smugmug, on the other hand, allows you to download a plugin to unlock a Lightroom feature

SmugMug is going to allow you to upload and share HD videos via its service, which can be played back using QuickTime. The new higher-definition video support means that videos will be accessible over a plethora of devices, including PlayStation 3, the iPhone and the iPod Which of the three top professional photo sharing sites is best for you? Smugmug vs. Zenfolio vs. Photoshelter.The three best photo sharing sites on the planet, compared head-to-head. There are many similar features among them, but there are also significant differences in how you can display, sell, and promote your photos and videos If you become a power user (59.95/yr), you can even upload videos to your account. Build a store. If you become a Pro user (149.95/yr) you can make SmugMug a platform on your domain. This means that I could use SmugMug to create LeesPhotoStore.com and sell my photos. They keep 15% and handle support and technical details. The SmugMug attitude

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If you can identify a specific image it's choking on, here are a couple things to try to set the record straight for that image. - If the image has never been edited, apply a custom preset then reset the image By Leigh Kamping-Carder. Law360 (October 20, 2009, 12:22 PM EDT) -- Photo-sharing Web site SmugMug Inc. has become the first defendant to settle in a suit brought by video software maker EasyWeb. We love us some Apple over here at SmugMug. . Oh, and you can count on our video player to continue to rapidly evolve. This is definitely just a 1.0 product - it may have some warts and it'll get even better over time. So go wild - share your crystal clear video with the world! Oh, and demand your video to be awesome (sorry about the.

To connect your SmugMug account: In the Home Menu, click Settings. Click Connected Accounts. Click Connect Account. Select SmugMug from the Social Accounts menu. Enter your SmugMug Display Name in the SmugMug Nickname field. You can find your Display Name next to your profile photo on the homepage Now you can exit the app and your videos continue to play in Picture-In-Picture mode! Update your SmugMug profile photo in the app. Auto-upload will now pickup modified photos. Also squashed some bugs and made some performance improvements. Ratings and Reviews 4.8 out of 5

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