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  1. OS MasterMap Imagery Layer. When you need the visual feel for a location, the aerial photography of OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer gives you the real-world view. Product support Contact us. Using our aerial imagery to check road markings, tree canopies or site entrances cuts down the need for site visits, so you can save money and manage time.
  2. OS Photomaps. In the late 1940's a series of photomaps of selected areas of the UK were published by the Ordnance Survey. Created from Royal Air Force aerial photography, they were intended to substitute for large-scale mapping, which was in short supply following the Second World War. They were needed for vital planning and reconstruction work.
  3. Ordnance Survey Air Photo Mosaics of Scotland, 1944-1950 These aerial photographs provide key information on the landscape of post-War Scotland. They complement paper mapping, and represent the first widespread use of aerial survey methods by Ordnance Survey in Scotland
  4. Vertical aerial photography of locations across Scotland flown by and for Ordnance Survey. <p>The Ordnance Survey (OS) is responsible for undertaking surveys and cartographic work of all kinds for the British Government. The results are made available to the public in the form of published Ordnance Survey maps and by the publication of survey.
  5. Ordnance Survey has invested considerable resources and worked closely with its imagery suppliers to provide orthorectified imagery that achieves consistently high quality expected by our customers. Unlike other data sources, such as topographic data, imagery can be very subjective
  6. If you would like to use IWM collections materials in a way that is not covered above, require a commercial licence, high-resolution copies, or have manipulation requests, please contact the Media Sales & Licensing Team.Digital files of films and sound recordings are available at cost depending on intended use

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  1. OS MasterMap® Imagery (Aerial): 1km x 1km Tiles. OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer yields compelling information that you cannot get from mapping alone, such as road markings, habitats, land use, vegetation, pipes and cables, utilities infrastructure, roof types, and building access. Expertly colour-balanced and corrected for geometric distortions.
  2. The lower the resolution of Aerial Imagery the greater clarity. Aerial Imagery from 12.5 cm to 50 cm resolution accuracy. Each pixel of an aerial image represents a distance on the ground, therefore 12.5 cm resolution is often more accurate than say 25 cm as twice as much detail is captured per pixel. Order From Map Portal
  3. the Central Registry of air photography for Wales indexes all aerial survey cover of Wales by the RAF, Ordnance Survey and commercial air survey companies. The register is the only comprehensive source on aerial photography of Wales; the National Monuments record centre houses the largest reference collection of air photographs in Englan
  4. The Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography (CUCAP) is the result of airborne survey campaigns which were started in 1947 by the pioneering JK St Joseph. Since then the collection has grown to almost 500,000 images of obliques and verticals in black and white, colour and infra-red
  5. Welcome to OldAerialPhotos.com, the home of historical UK aerial photography. Over a million aerial photos from the 40s to the 90s are available to search at the click of a button. Search for your area of interest by Postcode, Street name, City or Grid Reference. Due to Covid 19 restrictrictions, orders will take 4 - 6 weeks
  6. Background to aerial survey methods. The First World War was an important stimulus to the use of air photography in mapping and survey work, both internationally and for Ordnance Survey. Aerial survey methods were not generally employed by Ordnance Survey in the inter-war period, however, apart from experimental work in the 1920s

Ordnance Survey - OS Aerial Photography by post (OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer) Scale: 1:1250 or 1:2500: Coverage: Full UK coverage (this excludes Northern Ireland - try www.osni.gov.uk) Format: Paper: Number of copies: Simply select the number of prints that you require at time of purchase - no further copying is permitted: Product Price: From. Ordnance Survey Ireland provides digitally scanned, ortho-rectified, raster colour & black and white photography, in both low and high resolution. OSi provides digitally scanned, orthorectified, colour & black and white aerial photography, in both low and high resolutions for download in raster data format Aerial Photos We hold over 4 million aerial photographs covering the whole of England and dating from the early 20th century to the present day. This unique collection, held in our Archive in Swindon, captures the changes in our urban and rural landscape over a period of almost 100 years

Aerial photos of Scotland. Scotland has many historic vertical images available at NLS Maps. Coverage is by no means complete, although the Central Band is well catered for. Following every bend in the road on an Ordnance Survey map seemed almost magical. When he later took up hill walking, those OS maps took on an even greater significance. Aerial Photography Sales, photosales@osi.ie Customer Services, customer.services@osi.ie Geodetic Surveying Services, Ordnance Survey Ireland Phoenix Park, Dublin 8. Eircode D08 F6E4 Call: +353-1-802-5300 Mon-Fri 9am to 4.45pm Email Customer Services Data Quality Submission For The collection includes ordnance survey maps, information from which is necessary for finding flight path codes which then correspond to boxes with aerial photos. The collection is apparently quite extensive, occupying one kilometer of shelf space (though this presumably includes aerial photos outside of Africa). According to one of the librarians Historical Ordnance Survey maps. We can search for historical Ordnance Survey maps and provide you with a list of dates and map scales covering your property. We can then obtain the maps for you when you have decided which dates you require. The maps are usually priced at £10 or £15 plus our administration fee of £25. We cannot view any of. This supplies you with critical missing information between 1944 and 1951 when standard Ordnance Survey maps were not yet produced. In addition, Bluesky Historical Aerial Photographs are also exclusively available to you. This is a unique archive of over one million historical aerial images dating from 1917 to 2004

More than 100,000 aerial photographs have been added to the Old Aerial Photos online collection of historically important images following an agreement with Land & Property Services (Northern Ireland) to supply the entire Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) photographic archive. The newly available archive includes complete countrywide coverage from 2002 onwards together with Overview. Our programs produce accurate geologic maps and 3-D geologic frameworks that provide critical data for sustaining and improving the quality of life and economic vitality of the Nation. They also organize, maintain, and publish the geospatial baseline of the Nation's topography, natural landscape, built environment and more Aerial photography is - as it sounds - the process of taking photographs from the air, but there is more to it than simply using a light aircraft or helicopter and flying up to take photographs. There are many elements to an aerial survey that must be considered to ensure that the data is useful enough to extrapolate whatever is being investigated

the use of aerial survey techniques. Many people tend to regard aerial survey as insufficiently accurate, particularly where an Ordnance Survey 1/2,500 plan, the ground surveyor can record heights areas where the cost of aerial photography is disproportionately high to the size of the job The coordinate system used for the Aerial Photography Product is the British National Grid used by the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain which is based on the OSGB36 geodetic datum and uses the Transverse Mercator projection Old-Maps is the UK's most comprehensive historical map archive comprising site centred historical maps covering England, Wales and Scotland. We provide a complete step by step picture of land use changes that have taken place from the mid-19th Century onwards, from OS County Series, OS Town Plans and post-war National Grid mapping to unique Russian Maps of UK target locations from the cold-war. DAFM aerial survey successfully launched. Join the businesses using Getmapping services. Brand New! 10cm vertical and oblique aerial photography for Greater London New high resolution dataset available for the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality in SouthAfrica. About Getmapping Digimap delivers maps and geospatial data from the Ordnance Survey (OS), the British Geological Survey (BGS), Landmark Historic maps, OceanWise marine mapping, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), and Getmapping aerial imager

Search and browse a range of historical Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) maps and find information on sites, buildings and landmarks of historical interest. Before you start PRONI Historical Maps viewer can be used to search and browse seven historical OSNI maps and four modern basemaps (including aerial imagery) Black and white, colour and infrared vertical aerial photography flown by the Ordnance Survey and its contractors at various scales for map revision. Archival History Images flown more than fifty years ago at start of year are credited as Historic England (Ordnance Survey photography) England, Suffolk: Lowestoft. We use cookies and similar technologies to optimise your experience when using this site and to help tailor our digital advertising on third party sites 2010 OS map Sample Answer: Why coniferous above northing 27. 2006 Killarney OS map extract. Functions/Services/Land-use on maps and photos. Contour lines and topography - examples. Antiquities on OS Maps. Locational factors for factories, shopping centres etc on OS Maps and Aerial Photographs. Historical Settlement on OS map

Nick writes on Here Be Dragons: I was just playing with multimap.com's aerial photograph feature, and noticed something I hadn't seen mentioned on here before — Ordnance Survey map overlays applied dynamically on mouseover over the aerial photo. Nick's example.Google may get all the attention (here too, I have to confess), but that's got to be the coolest integration of. OccupEye's high-resolution aerial photography service is becoming ever more popular within the public sector, Taking the relevant Ordnance Survey grid as the starting canvas, your new and completely up-to-date aerial imagery is then scaled and overlaid in order to produce a truly representative and accurate plan of your site

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Paper copies of selected aerial photographs can be consulted in easy-to-use browser files, arranged according to Ordnance Survey (OS) grid reference, with an index of Oxfordshire place-names. Where no browser file copy is available, original aerial photographic prints can be consulted by appointment through the Photographic Officer New York restaurant is serving the most expensive fries in the world for $200 - which are blanched in champagne and dusted with 23K gold and truffle. A restaurant has been awarded the Guinness World Record for serving the most expensive portion of fries. Serendipity3 in New York will offer the 'creme de la creme pommes frites' for a whopping $200 NGI has the largest repository of historical aerial photography dating back to 1926 and continues to provide national digital aerial imagery coverage. NGI establishes and maintains the national geodetic and control survey infrastructure. NGI provides national mapping, digital topographic and other Geo-Spatial Information

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The Forestry Commission has revealed how it is using the latest aerial photography to manage and regulate public and private forests in the UK. Supplied free at the point of use by Bluesky and Getmapping under the Aerial Photography for Great Britain (APGB) contract with the Geospatial Commission, the high resolution imagery is widely used across the organisation Mapping expert Ordnance Survey has unveiled a new tool that enables you to view Britain in three dimensions using aerial photography. Aerial 3D overlays aerial photographs onto a topographical map. An evolving process of the formalisation of Ordnance Survey. tidal line mapping policy began in the 1840s and was finally completed in 1868. The Ordnance Survey Act 1841, paragraph 1 required. CentremapsLive has enabled easy access to OS MasterMap property level mapping with relevant height information and aerial imagery in instantly usable formats. Combine all three layers of data into one PDF, or have the individual data files to import into your workspace. Using this product you will get 3 files all covering the exact same data area

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Orthophotography. OSNI creates orthophotographs of Northern Ireland from high quality aerial images with distortions removed. Orthophotographs give a scale-accurate bird's eye view of the landscape from which accurate measurements can be taken. Orthophotography is supplied either as pre-determined tiles or as a bespoke clip out centred on a. Ordnance Survey release a map! A section of the first every Ordnance Survey map, featuring Kent in 1801. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The first map Ordnance Survey published was of Kent in 1801. Not because the world revolves around London, but because Kent is the flattest place they could find to measure out the initial Base Line Bluesky Mapshop - Online GIS Data. Step 1. Choose your area of interest (Postcode, Town/City, Coordinates, Shapefile or KMZ) Products. Most Recent Aerial Photography. Most Recent LiDAR & Height Data. Metrovista™. National Tree Map™. Ordnance Survey Products Aerial survey of London leaving from RAF Station Benson near Oxford, Oxfordshire.Various shots RAF airmen loading Anson aircraft with camera apparatus. Vario..

UK Aerial Photography. Getmapping is a UK aerial photography company offering a range of aerial maps, digital aerial photos and aerial photo prints for city, towns and regional areas across Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), including NEXTMap elevation data. Getmapping also offer photogrammetry services including DTM (Digital Terrain Models) and DSM (Digital Surface Models) Aerial mapping company Bluesky has signed up Ireland's National Mapping Agency as an exclusive reseller for the public sector market. The agreement between Bluesky and Ordnance Survey Ireland covers the provision of the highest resolution, most up to date aerial photography for the Republic of Ireland, together with associated 3D height products..

Aerial photographs of Britain from the 1940s to 2009 - dubbed the 'historical Google Earth' by Cambridge academics - have been made freely available to everyone on Cambridge University Library's ground-breaking Digital Library. This image from June 1980 shows the construction of the four gates of the Thames Barrier in their final stages The 1935 maps are the earliest ordnance survey maps we hold at Jersey Archive and show details of the Island before the changes brought about by the German Occupation. 1977/1981/1983/1987 - D/W/H Ordnance Survey Maps of Jersey Jersey Archive holds ordnance survey maps of various scales for the above years. As not all sets are complete the 1981. B luesky is the leading aerial survey company in the UK providing a range of survey, geographic and CAD data, including aerial photography, mapping and LiDAR. Our continuous investment in cutting edge technology enables us to offer the most accurate, current and highest resolution datasets available. Customer focussed and committed to. Find the perfect ordnance survey ireland stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

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The Ordnance Survey first surveyed Norfolk between 1879 and 1886 at the six-inch to the mile scale. More Information... 1946 and 1960's Aerial Photography. The Norfolk E-map Explorer includes around 8,300 aerial photographs of Norfolk taken between 1945-6 and 1960-1965. More Information.. Aerial photography by Red Forge Studios. Ordnance Survey . 0100031673. Johns Associates Ltd, Suites 1 &2, The Od Brewery, Newtown, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1NF through to the fieldwork and photographic survey carried out for the Corsham Character Assessment. The majority of the observations and photographs use The Ordnance Survey of Great Britain (OS) is a Principal Investigator for the Metric Camera experiment being organised by the European Space Agency (ESA). Two investigations are being conducted by the OS, both concerned with the potential value of the photography for topographic mapping and map revision. The first relates to Great Britain and the second relates to the developing countries of. Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping authority, keeping 460 million geographical features updated to provide an accurate picture of the country. We collect, maintain and distribute the most accurate and up-to-date geographic information (GI) of the whole country that government, business and individuals all rely upon. From our surveyors on the ground, measuring and tracking.

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  1. Aerial mapping company Bluesky has signed up Ireland's National Mapping Agency as an exclusive reseller for the public sector market. The agreement between Bluesky and Ordnance Survey Ireland covers the provision of the highest resolution, most up to date aerial photography for the Republic of Ireland, together with associated 3D height products
  2. Ordnance Survey International, former surveying, mapping, and aerial photography agency (1946-2001) of the British government, which provided advice on technical matters concerning all aspects of surveying and mapping. The maps created by the agency were produced using aerial photography an
  3. 1 : 2500 Topographic maps Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey Middlesex XI.6 (includes: Hendon; Wembley) - 25 Inch Map 1 : 2500 Topographic maps Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey

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High level & Aerial Photography. Drones (UAV) can be used to capture images or video footage of roofs, upper parts of buildings, bridges, quarries and other inaccessible or unsafe areas. With specialist photogrammetry software and survey control these images can be stitched together and 3D point clouds and 3D meshes created The agreement between Bluesky and Ordnance Survey Ireland comes at the start of the 2015 flying season which has already seen a large area in the south of the country captured. Bluesky has committed to capturing 70,000 square kilometres of brand new aerial photography as well as colour infrared (CIR) imagery Subscribe to unlock the detail and accuracy of OS leisure maps across the whole country including OS Explorer 1: 25,000 and OS Landranger 1:50,000 maps. Discover the great outdoors and search for the best cycling and hiking routes in your area as rated by fellow outdoor enthusiasts and plot your own route to follow, share or record 2.1 Paper Mapping shall mean: Ordnance Survey mapping or aerial photography in paper form (whether it is printed on a single sheet or contained in a publication) or on a paper equivalent medium Historic Map 6 inch B&W (1837-1842) Historic Map 6 inch Colour (1837-1842) 6 inch Cassini. Nature and Environment. Agriculture. National Soils, 1:250,000 Teagasc. Environment, Conservation and Heritage

Ordnance Survey, an executive agency and non-ministerial government department of the Government of the United Kingdom,1 is the national mapping agency for Great Britain,2 producing maps of Great Britain (and to an extent, the Isle of Man). It does not produce maps of Northern Ireland. It is one of the world's largest producers of maps. The name reflects its creation together with the original. For businesses, government and everyone else working with data, GeoHive is the most powerful tool for making data come to life. It's totally free so why not start mapping now See the Ordnance Survey site for more information. Ordnance Survey. If you are unsure what you need to do, you should check with the Principal Contact. The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement Principal Contact for Hertfordshire County Council is Amy Malcolm; you can contact her on 01992 555248 (ext 25248) or email amy.malcolm@hertfordshire.gov.uk Ordnance Survey. Working as a Remote Sensing Surveyor in Operations at the Ordnance Survey. This roles requires strong skills in GIS, surveying and remote sensing with a high level of attention to detail. Main role is to work in the aerial triangulation team and complete aerial triangulation on all flown imagery

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Guide to using D8564 - Ordnance Survey: Aerial Photographs Introduction These instructions are designed to accompany the catalogue which can be accessed on our online catalogue or in hard copy in the searchroom. This collection can seem complicated to use but these instructions will guide you through the steps involved. In brief, the steps are Aerial photographs taken by the Royal Air Force for the Ordnance Survey. In the late 1940s, to meet a demand by planners, air photograph mosaics were prepared by the Ordnance Survey covering some areas where the 6-inch map was out of date and at approximately the same scale (1:10560). The mosaics were produced from vertical photographs taken by. Historic Aerial Photography and Site Survey Historic Site Survey Option 1: 1869 Ordnance Survey County Series map (A3 at any scale) £10.00 1957 Ordnance Survey National Grid map 1:10,560 £5.00 1975 Ordnance Survey National Grid map 1:10,560 £5.00 1964 Aerial Photograph (whole photograph or enlargement) £10.00 +VA This collection of aerial photographs was originally going to be transferred from the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities at the British Museum to the Ordnance Survey, where a plan for an aerial photographic library was underway (Trustee's Minutes 12th October 1940, 11th October 1941), but this never came to pass

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Find the perfect Ordnance Survey stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Ordnance Survey of the highest quality Ordnance Survey maps from the late 1800s. In 1841, the Surveyors Act gave OS surveyors a legal right to enter into and upon any land for the purposes of making and carrying out a survey. Zincography (using zinc sheets) began to replace lithography (using stone) as a method of printing, with copper plate engravings still used for the one-inch maps Modern Ordnance Survey maps are based on aerial photographs, but large numbers of the pillars remain. OS still maintains a set of master geodetic reference points to tie the OS geographic datums to modern measurement systems including GPS. Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain do not use latitude and longitude to indicate position but a special.

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The Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography (CUCAP) is the result of airborne survey campaigns which were started in 1947 by the pioneering JK St Joseph. Since then the collection has grown to almost 500,000 images of obliques and verticals in black and white, colour and infra-red. Virtually the whole of Britain has been covered. Contact. e: contact@eurogeographics.org t: +32 2 888 71 93. EuroGeographics AISBL Head Office Rue du Nord 76/Noordstraat 76 1000 Brussels BELGIU The aerial photography and data management tools provided in Forester Web are also used to verify and update spatial data relating to the management of the national forest estate. The APGB data is also used to update of the National Forest Inventory which provides up-to-date information about the size, distribution, composition and condition of.

Skills (Maps, Photos, Graphs) >. Ordnance Survey Map skills. Aerial photographs. Graph skills. Horizons Second Edition >. Chapter 1 Plate Tectonics. Chapter 2 Folding and Faulting. Chapter 3 Earthquakes. Chapter 4 Volcanoes Eyeup Aerial Solutions was born out of an interest in photography, remote controlled technology and a burning desire to solve problems. Working for larger organisations has provided a real understanding of the need for safe working procedures, essential when flying several kilograms of plastic, metal and chemicals up to 750 feet in the air Collection Level (551 177) RCAHMS Aerial Photography > Sub-Group Level (551 177/13) 1988 Photographs >> Item Level (A 73014 CS) Glasgow, Bishipton, Royal Ordnance Survey. Aerial view Ordnance Survey today announces significant progress with the national development of its OS MasterMap Imagery Layer. The capture of high-quality aerial photography of England has been completed and the mapping agency is now processing data for inclusion in the product

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Here is a standard aerial view. Lidar image bank. Get your Lidar images here. Example The link example directs to OS grid reference SD 81, which covers most of west Rochdale. The Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference System. See more about the OS grid reference system here. Selecting an OS grid squar A digital-data future at Ordnance Survey. On a recent visit to Ordnance Survey (OS) I learned about the diversity of geospatial data and innovation OS undertakes. OS was born in 1791 under the ambition of creating a superior map of Britain. While world-famous for their paper maps, OS are also relied upon for their digital data and mapping services