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Awesome device would decarb any other way. I use the decarb unit in place of putting the flower into the oven as part of my QWISO recipe. The quality of the product after using the Ardent decarb unit is much better than I could have ever achieved by using conventional methods, and WAY easier. Kudos on such a great product! Michael Y I recently purchased one of these Ardent devices and now have used it to decarb twice. I used very high quality California weed in the Ardent. Now I wondering if my Ardent device is either just inefficient or is not working correctly. What I have found is that it triples the cost of treating my PTSD Double decarb *Total Potential CBD = CBDA x.877 + CBD. When CBDA converts to CBD the acid molecule (carboxyl group) is released, reducing the total molecule weight by 13%. You can get the full potential CBD with precision decarboxylation can I infuse twice using Ardent Nova? Close. 2. Posted by 4 months ago. can I infuse twice using Ardent Nova? for some reason my infusions are weak. I use the machine to decarb first and then I use the sleeve to infuse coconut oil with decarbed buds using nova. still comes out weak - can I run it again to be more potent? 6 comments

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  1. The Ardent FX is an all-in-one activation, infusion, melting, and baking appliance requiring no prior cannabis, cooking, or baking experience to use. Suitable for smaller kitchen spaces and workspaces without kitchens (no need for an oven, double boiler, or crock pot.) Switch between modes by pressing the M button, and start the cycle by.
  2. Combine the activated medicine with oil or butter in a glass container, place into the Ardent Cannabis' metal cylinder, and press the button. Running a second cycle after you have activated the Marijuana through decarboxylation infuses the oil or butter with the Cannabinoids
  3. g soon on my new online DIY Cannabis Topicals Course). As homemade topicals do not contain the chemicals and.

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Decarb half the actives twice, and half once, and make it 10-20% stronger than normal due to the thc degrading to cbn. Just to note my failures. I tried decarbing 9 lb hammer rosin in the cbd mode, but it didn't seem to make much, if any cbn's Heating alcohol in your Ardent device will void any warranty or exchange. Can you infuse the same oil twice? Yes, after decarb and infusion in the Nova or FX, the infused oil can be re-infused again with additional decarbed plant material The Ardent Nova Decarboxylator and Infuser takes all of these issues right out of the equation, allowing you to decarb and infuse small quantities of flower and oils — and that's just the beginning. The Ardent Nova is a small, purple appliance that would fit right into the kitchen without a second thought Kief tends to decarb faster than bud, meaning you can afford to employ a lower temperature. Once you have spread it over the baking sheet, follow the steps mentioned above. Place the kief on a parchment sheet, and put it in the oven between 240 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit (115 - 150 degrees Celsius)

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Ardent FX. Decarboxylators $ 350.00. Plug. Choose an option US & Canada (110v) International (220v) Ardent FX quantity. Add to cart With the Ardent Decarboxylator, on the other hand, you put one ounce of weed into the machine and press a button and come back later. Yes, you can do a much bigger batch in the oven and maybe its almost as good or maybe it isn't, but an ounce is enough to make a nice pound of cannabutter with little effort. 75 people found this helpfu

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ardent fx decarb. what you think troops, does this need another cycle? I'm a bit of newb but I'm thinking this isn't brown enough? pre decarb: After 1st cycle: I've read somewhere that high CBD flower has to go in twice. Im wondering if this is why it's not brown on first run. I have no idea what strain it is or percentage THC\CBD it does. Ardent FX Decarboxylator Review from Canna Insider. The Ardent FX vs the Nova: What's New? Here's the Deal: While Ardent just recently released the Nova FX, the company is famous for their original decarboxylator, the Nova. So what's the same and what's different about Ardent's flagship model and the new FX? Let's dive in Read the full guide: https://ardentcannabis.com/easy-cbd-decarb-and-infusion/Much like the THC decarb process, there's a lot of inconsistency with the infor..

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  1. Decarboxylate your cannabis. Place the decarbed cannabis into a glass jar of butter or oil or use Ardent's Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve for a perfect fit in your Nova. Put the jar back into the decarboxylator for a second cycle. The second cycle will pull the THC or CBD from the plant and infuse it into the oil
  2. Ardent Decarboxylator UPDATE! One of my readers read this review of the Ardent Decarboxylator, bought it, and had this to say: Thanks for the info on the Ardent decarb device. I received it yesterday and have my third batch in now . It's obvious I have not been decarbing in the oven correctly since this is so much more potent ! I am ecstatic with this purchase even though the up front cost.
  3. Ardent's decarboxylators are a keen idea; it's just that the quality is too inconsistent. They have quite a few defective and damaged units. I believe some manufacturing flaw compromises thermal protection for the electronics. They seem to get cooked, and that's why my Lift, which did maybe 30 decarb runs in its lifetime, completely broke

Ardent Nova - Single Decarb Results (Graphic) Ardent Nova - Double Decarb Results (Graphic) You can also check this detailed guide (which is made by Ardent) if you're looking to learn more about running the machine twice to get the most out of your buds.. USE YOUR DECARBOXYLATED FLOWER FOR ANYTHING - MAKE ANY CANNABIS PRODUC I'm going to run it twice on thc decarb setting to try to make some cbn. I'll use the oil in canna caps for sleep. shredder, Dec 30, 2020. I know the smaller ardent they sell has mixed reviews of it failing rather soon. Time will tell with this one. Hippie Dickie said First, decarb (just means heat up your weed; no oil at this point). Wait 1 hour 45 minuntes. Step 2. Remove decarbed weed, put weed in glass jar, poor olive oil over the weed. Step 3. Put the weed and oil back into the Ardent. Let cook for 2 hours. Step 4. --Remove oil and weed mixture and strain out your oil In ardent cannabis, Ardent Cannabis (Herbal), Ardent Cannabis Sale, decarb, decarboxylation, Medical Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Uncategorized by Eric Harmon March 15, 2020 12 Comments Decarboxylation is the removal or elimination of a carboxyl (group) COOH, an organic acid, from a molecule

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How do you Decarb Cannabis? (What is Decarboxylation of Cannabis, Anyway?) from CannabisNet on Vimeo. Cannabis.net was lucky enough to sit down with the legend, Shanel Lindsay, of Ardent Cannabis, to talk about the NOVA decarboxylator and how to decarb your cannabis correctly.You can watch the full interview above or read it below Ardent FX Decarboxylator - All in One, Portable Decarboxylating Appliance to Decarb, Infuse, Bake and Melt - Odorless and Easy to Use 4.6 out of 5 stars 198 11 offers from $293.9 The most popular decarboxylation machine on the market is the NOVA, which is made by a company called Ardent. When most people make cannabis edibles , they don't think twice about decarboxylation. The process occurs naturally while heating cannabis in some form of fat, which can then be used to make edibles or topical cannabis products

bought an ardent few weeks ago. already decarbed loads of buds. excellent device. i am a veteran when it comes to edibles. trust me when i say this guy pppp1500 got a crap device or feels he overpaid and doesn't realize how to use the device. pppp1500 is an amateur and should not be worried about the ardent. the ardent is a powerhouse, to say the least. best investment ever. no regrets. I am using an ardent decarb machine and 1/4 ounce of flower. After decarbing, I add 30 ml of MCT oil and run another cycle in the decarb machine to infuse the oil. It is super weak. What am I doing wrong? ETA: I have a medical cannabis card and am paying $60 a 1/8th, so any tips on getting the max THC and CBD would be much appreciated Assuming that there is not a special air decarb cycle built into the machine, 2.5 hours in oil @ 175 F, will not decarb significantly, and you'll have to decarb more. Air decarb @ 180 F requires about 8 hours, and in-oil decarb is about twice as long. Here's the device you should consider getting: Decarb Myths Debunke 1. Continue this thread. level 1. ChromeForty. · 5y. I am sure you can buy a good convection oven with precise temp control at that price. For a smell-free decarb, take a mason jar, grind your herbs, put them in the jar, screw the lid but not too tight and set your oven to 230F for 1 hour. 1. View Entire Discussion (10 Comments Add the cannabis and alcohol together in a mason jar. Secure the lid and lightly swirl for a good stir. Place in freezer (see note below). Freeze the jar for 1hr minimum (we prefer 3hrs), removing once or twice to lightly shake and mix the contents. Place the strainer and cheese tightly cloth over bowl or jar

To decarb kief or hash in an oven, bake it for 10 minutes at 300°F (149°C). Have in mind that, at higher temperatures, kief and hash tend to decarb faster than dried flowers. High CBD strains tend to decarb a bit slower than those with high THC content:. Decarb high CBD strains by baking them for 15-25 minutes at 300°F (149°C Ardent Nova (Decarb machine) Before making edibles, decarb (cook) cannabis in the oven for 30 minutes at 250°F (120°C) to increase potency Note: This university-level book teaches the chemistry of extractions (cannabis, herbs, mushrooms, roots, seeds, etc. Instructions. Set your oven between 220 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit with a middle positioned rack. Break up the cannabis to about the size of a grain of rice. Put it into the mason jar and lightly screw on the lid. Wet the kitchen towel lightly and and fold it twice. Lay it over the baking sheet then put the mason jar on the towel The Ardent Nova/Lift takes about 20 mins to heat up to 118C, then stayed around 115C (between 113C and 118C) for 1 hour, then a 15-20 minute cool down before the green LED lights up. There are no settings. That temperature/time will work for THC-A, but CBD-A requires a higher temp, and or longer time to fully decarboxylate The virgin bud just had almost all the acidic forms (THCA, CBDA, etc) converted to our THC,CBD, etc. So it is primed and high test buds. The ABV will be much much weaker, although there is some variability as : I finish all my flower at 445 F cuz it is scarce and expensive, and cuz it never tastes bad thru

Ardent by definition means passionate or enthusiastic. Ardent decarboxylator can help you in achieving best cannabis decarboxylation. This is a great description of an enthusiastic and passionate company that goes by the name of Ardent Herbal. They offer a decarboxylation machine called Lift for your cannabis at home (ardent decarboxylator) Cover with tinfoil (optional). 4. Place pyrex into the oven and bake for 30 minutes for keif or 60 minutes for buds/trim. 5. Remove and allow to cool completely. Use immediately or store in a mason jar in the freezer

Directions for Decarbing Cannabis Oil. Place a small heat-proof container of cannabis oil into a larger cooking oil bath (canola oil works well). Slowly heat cooking oil to 240 F (115.5 C) and use a candy thermometer to keep track of the temperature. As the cannabis oil heats, stir the oil to break up bubbles The shot glass wouldn't harm decarb. My Ardent Lifts run for about 1:45. The LIft's max temp is 218 F, which is above the boiling temp of water, so I don't think putting water in it would be a an accurate test. Bad herb could be the problem. Or an under-dose. 0.5 g shatter, assuming 80% THC, in 15 mL alcohol has

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I believe Corinne's website and Ardent's site have a coupon code to get a discount. I can tell you this The Nova (now being called Lift), are the same unit internally and operationally. It is the easiest, fool proof way to decarb flower, solid hash and shatter/wax and to make Corinne's wonderful recipes. Happy, creative cannabis. Using the Ardent Nova Decarboxylator is probably the easiest decarb method; however, it will take you 120 minutes to have your fully decarbed product. You can then use your weed in any type of edible , or you can put it in capsules and swallow it, though this will produce the lesser effect and could cause stomach upset

Ardent Nova: Smaller decarb' device with fewer options Ardent FX: Larger device with multitude of options and several expansive accessories Grinding up roots seems a bit old fashioned with today's advanced medicine but think twice. The roots are natural while today's medication has proved to be a bad long term plan The second method involves allowing the cannabis butter to cook for twice as long using fat for the solvent, allowing decarboxylation to occur over time. Option #1: Decarb In the Oven. This option is preferred because it cuts your cooking time in half and does not leach as much chlorophyll (or green color and taste) into your final product

The Ardent Nova is an incredibly simple method and this little device activates 100% of your THC in your flower. According to customer support, you may want to run your batch twice to activate your CBD and all it takes is the touch of a button. It holds about 1 ounce of flower, and it's virtually mess free I use an ardent to decarb buds to infuse into olive or coconut oil for use in edibles. That is not for dabs. Dabs from the rosin pressedbiles from the Ardent. and roll a joint or smoke it from a pipe, my roommate did this twice after he burned out two batteries, and from what he said, it was actually fairly enjoyable. 47. Share

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I ordered an decarb infuser from Ardent, the item has not worked since i received it it was defective since the first use and i am still under warranty. I asked a simple question twice and. For night time meds I make basically the same type of capsule but I make it stronger than normal (50mg over a desired 40mg) and decarb 1/2 of the herb twice. This is my version of a sleep inducing medicine. The double decarb degrades some of the thc into cbn, and cbn is good for sleep. Works well for my wife and I Check out my shop: https://cartandpod.com for terps and moreYou need to decarboxylate THC before you use it for edibles. Basically, the shatter has THC-A (TH..

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Decarb temp and time combinations are nearly infinite because it's a sliding scale so these recommendations are not set in stone but a good place to start. For carts (no ramp included): 180°F/1 hr, 200°F/45 min. Full decarb (no ramp included): 200°F/2 hr, 220°F/1.5 hr, 240°F/1 hr For example: 0.25, 0.5, or 1.0 ounces. Gently break up the cannabis flower buds, removing any seeds and stems as necessary. Add the flower to a mason jar or oven-safe baking dish with a lid, making sure the flower is in an even layer (you do not want clumps or mounds). If you don't have a lid, the tin foil will work

Althea's High StrengthCBD Oil Meet Althea: full spectrum, small batch, single source, organically grown and processed CBD! Shop Now Featured Products DAVINCI IQ PORTABLE VAPORIZER A DURABLE DISCREET AND HIGHLY PORTABLE FLOWER VAPORIZER Read More CBD Cooking Tools Vaporizers Accessories What People Are Saying I'm even gardening again!I love m The Ardent Lift Decarboxylator is a smart-looking, well-designed product, designed to eke out every last bit of goodness from CBD-heavy hemp and cannabis. Casual users probably won't see much point in it, but seasoned CBD and THC users who want the very best and are prepared to pay for it, will see great results Decarb with a lighter. puff puff. Done sit back and enjoy. Best way to use keif. Another way is to take the keif and make a packet with parchment paper. Fold over a few times. Get a kitchen hand towel lay flat. Put Keif packet on top of towel on the counter top. fold towel over the keif Microdosing all boils down to one basic understanding: Cannabis has a biphasic nature.. This means that clients will experience an effect from using cannabis at a low dose and lose that effect as they take more, only to reach another response at an even higher dose. Let's break that down really quick The other thing that was a surprise is that the Ardent company claims there is no odor in the decarb process, but I have to disagree there, as there was a bit of a scent. Not bad or anything, but if you need to be completely discrete in your household, people would be able to tell a mild skunky odor of weed

ARDENT NOVA LIFT DECARBOXYLATOR. Full activation of ingredients in your herb. Use to infuse butter and oil! Odorless and mess free, no cleanup necessary. Easy to use from your home (unit is 7.5″ x 4″) Holds up to 1 ounce of material. 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty We decarb 50 grams of bud in a Ardent Nova decarb machine,all automatic just push the button. Once the bud is decarbed add 50 grams with 2 1/2 cups of Everclear and 2 tablespoons of Lecithin to the magic butter machine (7 days ago) May 31, 2021 · Ardent printable coupons come out at Ardent Coupon Code page for your next shopping probably. Ardent already post various kinds of verified online Ardent Discount Code for choosing. Those Coupon Code and deals also help you maximum spending. Remember to check twice the Coupon Codes detail like deadline before you order -Ardent Nova or FX . Directions. Decarb plant material inside the Ardent Nova or FX using A1 for THC-rich material and A2 for CBD-rich material. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Combine pumpkin, egg, condensed milk, spices, and decarbed bud. Mix. Pour liquid into crust and allow it to bake for 15 minutes Ardent FX. Decarboxylators $ 350.00. Plug

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These machines have the ability to decarb both CBD-rich and THC-rich material. I own the FX where you simply push the A1 button to Decarb THC rich material or the A2 button if you want to Decarb CBD rich material. On the Nova to decarb CBD-rich material, you run it through the process twice. My biggest stumbling block was in understanding dosing Decarb and infusing are separate steps. In the decarb process you're cooking your cannabis at ~240f for 20-40 min and the THCa is converted into THC. During the infusion process the THC (and unconverted THCa) is transferred to your oil/butter/fat at a lower temperature ~180f. Most of the infusion happens in the first 45 min or so, but doesn. Place cannabis oil into a heat-proof container, such as Pyrex measuring cup or jar, and place into pan containing cooking oil (canola or other vegetable oil) on the stovetop. Heat the vegetable oil to 250F. Stir the cannabis oil to break up bubbles. Remove the cannabis oil from the heat when it stops bubbling To decarb, you heat the cannabis at 240 degrees for an hour (Bobrow uses a decarboxylation tool from Ardent that is microprocessor controlled). The quality of liquor matter Max oven temp to decarb varies on who you ask but 220F - 240F or 105C to 115C is the temp you want for 30 - 60 mins depending on dried or fresh material. 0. heyitsme333 brownsarah. Reply 1 year ago Reply Upvote. Cooking the butter or coconut oil sure does do the trick. The proof is in the pudding..

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That's plenty of time for a decarb, so don't go any longer. Heating too long can ruin your weed. After 15 minutes, set your weed to the side and let cool Anyways I decarb in the oven for 30 min at 240, put everything in crock pot on a low for most the day and keep warm for some sitting occasionally. I cooked for 10 hours strained and chilled. Used it later that the next day in brownies and cookies adding 1/2 cup to a gluten free brownie mix, and and 3/4 cup to chocolate cookies The Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment was repeated twice, with different types of cannabis used for each batch, for eight total butter samples DOSING. Use 1/2 teaspoon of oil, in each portion you make. 1/2 cup of oil = 24 teaspoons (48 doses) USING THE OIL IN YOUR RECIPE. If you want to make 12 cookies, and your recipe calls for 1/2 cup of butter, use 6 teaspoons (1/8th cup) of canna oil, and make up the rest with regular butter (or regular vegetable oil) The Ardent does do both you just need the silicone sleeve to infuse. The oven is not a option in my case! The sleeve by itself is 20. bucks. I purchased mine on E-bay . I purchased the Ardent and the silicone sleeve and and a pack of the soy stuff a package deal that was 229.00 i offered 200 and was automatically accepted

Lastly, have the measuring cup handy for its turn to spring into action. Step 2. Put the granulated white sugar, corn syrup, and water over high heat in a small pot that will maintain enough depth to accurately use a candy thermometer. Step 3 Currently, we use Ardent Nova / Nova FX machines for decarb, and infuse with MCT in the same machines. No smell, and batch sizes from tiny test amounts to enough to make 100's of gummies One word: fire. When you apply a flame to your joint, or to the cannabis in your bong, immediate decarboxylation occurs. THCA is converted to THC and carbon dioxide (CO2) is given off as a by-product. At the same time, the solid marijuana is vaporized (burned) and the whole kit-and-kaboodle, THC and all, is inhaled Water will never exceed its boiling temp of 212 F or 100 C. I decarb flower in a mason jar by boiling for 2 hours. The article is a bit vague about time/temp for infusion, but I'm guessing one could decarb and infuse simultaneously by filling the jar with coco oil/flower and boiling for 2 hours, maybe a bit longer Reply. I always decarb in the oven 1st at 250 degrees for 25-27 minutes. I use flower broken up into a layer spread out on a plate or cookie sheet usually covered with tinfoil or an oven/Turkey bag if making a lot. I then do the stovetop method trying to keep it between 190-200deg for 2 hrs

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Ardent FX & Nova Decarboxylators are a discreet smell-free solution to decarb, infusion & edibles. Save money & accurately dose cannabis. Used it twice so far, just 2 gram, then 5 gram buds. Both times took 1 hour 55 minutes both times Freeze the jar for 1hr minimum; removing once or twice to lightly shake and mix the contents. Place the strainer and cheesecloth tightly over your bowl or jar. Then, pour the tincture mixture over the strainer, and using a rubber spatula to get all the particles out of the jar The Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment was repeated twice, with different types of cannabis used for each batch, for eight total butter samples. then decarb and activate. If you feel your. It contains 2-5 mgs of THC, and 4-10 mgs of CBD. If I vape, I use between 2-4 hits of a high-THC strain and also take sublingual hemp-based CBD oil. I take an between 25-75 mgs of hemp-based CBD oil twice a day. Read about the differences between full-spectrum cannabis vs isolates. The Mighty retails for $349.00. Buy Now. New Patients Should. The first time I tried to decarboxylate and infuse butter at home on my own, I thought to myself, there must be a better way to do this. The Levo II oil infuser claims to be that easier way. With its three-stage process, the Levo II will dry, activate, and infuse a butter or oil of your choice. But does it work

Once or twice a day for those five days, take the jar out of the freezer and give it a good shake. Over time, you'll see the plant matter start to dissolve. After roughly five days of storage in the freezer and multiple shakes every day, you've reached the end of the process. Now just strain the tincture through a cheesecloth, metal tea. To decarboxylate cannabis, you'll need good quality cannabis bud, trim or flowers, a baking sheet, parchment paper, a grinder and an oven. To capitalize on the THC content of the bud, first preheat your oven to 100°C (212°F) and line the baking sh.. 2. Decarb trim using Sous Vide (200°F for 1h 40m) 3. Chill decarb'd cannabis for a few hours in the freezer 4. Combine trim and Everclear in a mason jar 5. Shake for 2 minutes, let sit for 3m 6. Strain & Filter twice 7. 2nd wash of trim, strain & filter 8. Distill & monitor, stop when most of the ethanol has been recovered 9 新版 アウトレット 長袖シルクパジャマ【アルファベット柄 オフホワイト】19匁絹100% メンズ/紳士 ルームウェアーllあす楽対応. メインホール. 中. The Levo II oil infuser does so much more than just make weed butter. You can make weed oil too! When I was initially pitched on the Levo II oil infuser, my first reaction was, Oh ok, a weed.

Hello, Thank You for joining us for another episode of The Wellness Soldier Cooking with Cannabis video series. Today we will be teaching you how-to make full extraction cannabis oil using the magical butter machine. First we create a tincture using the Magical butter, then we winterize the tincture to remove any impurities, strain [ Cover tightly with the aluminum foil once more, and return it to the 215°F oven for an hour and a half. If possible, it's best to stir/agitate the mixture once or twice while it's baking. Doing so helps the cannabinoids distribute more evenly Does Medical Marijuana Help MS? The National MS Society estimates 2.3 million people suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) around the world. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic progressive neurological disease in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system. MS is characterized by a variety of disabling symptoms. Many MS patients find relief with medical marijuana

Add approximately 1 ounce of decarbed cannabis into a large jar (we like 64oz Mason jars). Fill the jar with a high-proof alcohol like Everclear or vodka, shake it and then place it in a cool dark place for a few hours. Strain the bud from the liquid, pour the tincture into a dropper bottle, and enjoy Before consuming cannabis it is highly recommended to decarb (decarboxylation) your bud or concentrate. This process uses a low amount of heat to convert THC-A into usable THC that is essential to ensuring your edibles are effective and provide maximum uptake. It is important not to use too much heat as you do not want to cause the THC to be.

4. Heat and reheat. 5. Strain and store. So many uses. Kiss hours of monitoring your stove-top cannabis concoctions goodbye. Using a slow cooker makes mixing up the perfect infused oil fast, easy, and painless. There's even a slow cooking device designed specifically for herbal infusions! The MagicalButter machine is perfect for delicate. THC E-Cig Juice from Tincture. It does take a minimum of a full ounce of cannabis (in the original 2 cups of vegetable glycerine) to make this stuff work so well (not to mention the Magical Butter Machine itself and some lecithin), so there's a certain amount of expense involved.And it would take you a long time to go through 3 cups of e-juice! But by itself, glycerin-based tincture is great. Glycerin Extraction. Kosher vegetable glycerin is an effective method for extracting cannabis concentrates directly from the plant material and produces a tasty medication that is easily ingested directly orally, or mixed with drinks and food. Glycerin is a heavy, syrupy clear liquid sugar alcohol that has approximately 60% of the sweetness of. Just put the oil in sun light for about 40 min's an the green will go, I make concentrate from alcohol extraction, Then put's the concentrate in with MCT oil, I am thinking of buying a nugsmasher or something similar tho in next few day's, I bought a decarb box from the magical butter company, Keep's all the terp's inside an got a temp probe for you too control temp, Alarm goes off if you go. That being said there are 38 grams of cannabis flower and 3 grams of keif infused into less than 473 ml of MCT oil. Before consuming cannabis it is highly recommended to decarb (decarboxylation) your bud or concentrate. This process uses a low amount of heat to convert THC-A into usable THC that is essential to ensuring your edibles are. Fill the pot 1/4 to 1/3 full of cannabis trim. Put one cup of butter for every four cups of water into the pot, until the pot is about 80% of the way full. Turn on the burner as high as it will go, and bring the mixture to a boil. Let the mixture boil for four hours, stirring as needed. Add water as needed because it evaporates and the level in.