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In my first series of experiments applying open learning experience bingo to descriptions of actual learning experiences, I've started with experiences cataloged in the Open Pedagogy Notebook.This second bingo card is for the open learning assignment Zines as Open Pedagogy by Elvis Bakaitis. You can browse all the open learning bingo games I've collected to date Zines in the Classroom. Zines as Open Pedagogy Often, when speaking about open pedagogy, the emphasis is on the digital: frequently listed examples include Wikipedia edit-a-thons, blog posts, and collectively annotated works. Yet the same principles (transparency, self-driven learning, student empowerment) are also strongly found in zines, a. Zines as Open Pedagogy. Often, when speaking about open pedagogy, the emphasis is on the digital: frequently listed examples include Wikipedia edit-a-thons, blog posts, and collectively annotated works. Yet the same Continue Readin Zines as Open Pedagogy. Often, when speaking about open pedagogy, the emphasis is on the digital: frequently listed examples include Wikipedia edit-a-thons, blog posts, and collectively annotated works. Yet the same principles (transparency, self-driven learning, student empowerment) are also strongly found in zines, a print medium that has. Open Pedagogy, as we engage with it, is a site of praxis, a place where theories about learning, teaching, technology, and social justice enter into a conversation with each other and inform the development of educational practices and structures. Zine Resources - CUNY Open Pedgogy on Zines as Open Pedagogy; What Open Education.

Zines are a self-published medium that are often created by collaging existing materials (e.g. images, text, etc.) with self-created content and published in simple photocopied formats for open sharing. Participants at this session will be introduced to zine-making history and practices to situate zines as a form of open pedagogy Multiple promises of zine pedagogy as publishing were identified by the teacher/zinesters, including publishing as a stage in the writing process, as the creation of a physical product, and as sharing. The teachers/zinester narratives also reflected a view of zine pedagogy as conversation, promising to provid

Using zines in your classroom is pretty easy! There are a few ways this can be accomplished: 1. You can assign zines to be read just as you would other types of resources for your course. We can even put them on course reserve for you. 2. You can allow students to use zines in the understanding of their research What is Open Pedagogy? 3 posts blog digital storytelling google learner-driven oral history podcasts public art ungrading website creation wikipedia wordpress zines. Banner image credit: Open, created by Jessica Duensing for opensource.com, via Flickr, CC-BY-SA Continue reading Backward Design Open Pedagogy Assignment Examples, Resources. ZINES! By Gina Cherry August 7, 2019 April 5, 2021 zines 0. Learn how Brianne Waychoff uses student-created zines in Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies. Continue reading ZINES! Examples, Tools 1990 academic works Act UP Alison Bechdel archive basics Bertha Harris Brim college of staten island commons csi CUNY ENL 368 Eve Sedgwick faculty Gay group project heteronormative how-to Larry Mitchell Lesbian LGBT Lover Matt Brim Media Melissa Harris Perry MHP Michael Warner OER Out History Out Loud and Proud Patrick E. Johnson Pauline Park.

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  1. Open pedagogy can offer, at least partially, a path to liberation, breaking students away from the restrictions of the traditional banking model of education, in which students are seen as banks into which knowledge is deposited (Freire 2000). I am hesitant to deposit their open zine into major open repositories. Now, the big presupposition.
  2. First, zines are community-facing publications (so are syllabi!). Second, zines are interactive, making room for readers to participate, continue the conversation (so should syllabi!). Third, zines refuse singular meaning. Instead, I can read a zine and interpret it in multiple ways at the same time
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  4. 4.1 OEP and open pedagogy - OER and OEP for Teaching and Learning on Student-Created Open Textbooks as Course Communities; Teaching the Unfamiliar - Just Teach One on Against Product-Based Learning: Open Texts are Never Finished; Zine Resources - CUNY Open Pedgogy on Zines as Open Pedagogy
  5. What is Open Pedagogy? Resource Tags annotation Backward design blog cuny academic commons digital storytelling google learner-driven learning podcasts teaching ungrading video website creation wikipedia wordpress zines

Open pedagogy removes barriers to educational materials, and ensures students have access to resources that will support their learning. Open pedagogy recognizes the brilliance, capabilities and talents of students. It shifts the dynamic of power from professors imparting knowledge and student receiving knowledge to classes co-creating knowledge 5Rs for Open Pedagogy. Manifold is an open-source publishing platform developed by CUNY faculty, staff, and students. CUNY's instance of Manifold is dedicated to teaching. Manifold allows you to create dynamic course materials by publishing custom editions of public domain texts and open educational resources (OER). . Resources Tools. Below is the third in a series of posts by participants in the Summer 2020 Open Pedagogy Fellowship, coordinated by the Mina Rees Library. Fellows will share insight to the process of converting a syllabus to openly-licensed and/or zero-cost resources, as well as their experiences in the Fellowship As an Open Education project, this project also intends to share its findings through openly licensed instructional materials, a blog post explaining how the project works on open.ubc.ca, and proposing a zines as open pedagogy workshop at one of the CTLT Institutes (Summer 2020 or Winter 2020) or through the Open UBC workshop series By Karen Zaino, Spring 2020 Graduate Center Open Pedagogy Fellow and PhD student in Urban Education at the Graduate Center: This website was collaboratively created by students enrolled in Multimodal Writing in the Standards-Based ELA Classroom.Students wrote the introduction and all chapters, and two student editors reviewed all pieces and created the website design

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  1. Barnard Zine Library (for anyone interested in or looking for more information on Zines) OER-Enabled Pedagogy (from the Open Education Group/David Wiley) Open Pedagogy: Examples of Class Activities (from Professor Christina Hendricks, University of British Columbia
  2. Tools & Tips. Much of what passes for educational technology is designed for purposes of profit-seeking, surveillance of students, and user lock-in. Other kinds of technology exist, but they typically lack the marketing and sales budgets of competing vendors. This is a directory, created by and for higher-ed educators, for sharing tools and.
  3. g an Open Pedagogy Fellow this spring
  4. Critical approaches to information literacy invite us to co-investigate the political, social, and economic dimensions of information, including its creation, access, and use (Tewell, 2016). Open pedagogical practices offer students opportunities to do work that is available to a public beyond the classroom. Students can contribute to the knowledge commons, not just consume it, in.
  5. ion,po.418rtalZines for Teaching: A Surveyof Pedagogy and Implicationsfor Academic Librarians.737Susan ThomasrpublicatSusan ThomasopZyedited,andacceptedfoabstract: Zines have begun to gain a place in higher education as pedagogical tools studied ormade by students, and many academic libraries maintain zine collections. The library literaturereveals little about how nonlibrarian faculty use.
  6. Jenna Freedman publishes zine in The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy December 10, 2019 Through introspection, exploration, and engagement with education readings, the author considers the education process, research papers, and alternative methods of showing scholarly mastery

Zines for Critical Reflection and Pedagogy $ 250.00 Dates: November 1 - December 12 Credits: 2.25 CEUs or 22.5 PDHs This course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about zines. During the six-weeks we will learn what zines through the lenses of critical pedagogy and social justice Zines as Open Pedagogy by Elvis Bakaitis Publication Date: August 4, 2019 With their historically anti-authoritarian vibe, and roots in the feminist/punk movements of the 1980's/90's, zines are a perfect antidote to traditional classroom, typically ruled by a rigid, top-down hierarchy distros, and a teacher of zine-making to my own high school students. Zines as Aesthetic, Political, and Educative Shocks Zine studies is a fragmented, multi-disciplinary field and draws on arenas as vast as art history and aesthetic theory, crafting and design, literary studies, queer and feminist scholarship, public pedagogy, an

Examples adapted from Open Pedagogy Assignments in Ditching the Disposable: A Workshop in Designing Renewable Assignments by Van Allen & Katz under a CC BY 4.0 license. Students edit wiki article for a Fundamentals of Marketing course, create/edit annotated bibliography in ENG 1021, create a video of an example speech for ENG 1030, create/edit. Open Pedagogy as Open Course Design Open Pedagogical Practices to Train Undergraduates in the Research Process: A Case Study in Course Design and Co-Teaching Strategies Open Pedagogical Design for Graduate Student Internships, A New Collaborative Mode Zines were trialled as a reflective tool to support STEAM learning between November 2019 and February 2020 within the context of Science Gallery Dublin's OPEN MIND Studio, a week-long informal STEAM learning program for students aged 15-16 years old (Hurley, 2019). More than 130 young people were introduced to zine-making and supported to.

The early 1990s marked the onset of Riot Grrrl, a grassroots feminist movement which galvanized in women-driven punk scenes in cities like Olympia, Washington, and Washington, D.C. Riot Grrrl was a new kind of feminism, one that was unapologetically aggressive and forthright in its responses to patriarchy, mass media, and consumerist culture Although many Open Pedagogy projects are rooted in the digital networking capability of online platforms, non-digital work can also be impactful beyond the classroom. Consider products such as zines, face to face presentations, sidewalk chalk . . . what else comes to mind? Click through the scrumblr link below to share and to see what your. The zine is a compilation of autoethnographic teaching methods for open access distribution, and it exemplifies the power of collaborating across CUNY campuses and disciplines. James Lowry is an Assistant Professor of Information Studies at Queens College and the Director of the Archival Technologies Lab

Barnard Zines with Online Links | Barnard Zine Library. The Zine Library is physically closed until further notice, but zine library staff are active. Email zines@barnard.edu with questions, for research support, or to learn more about our growing COVID19 zine collection Most zines tend to be compiled, with material gathered, written, or drawn over weeks, months or years, and actually edited, if only by the zine publisher herself. Thus they are more like little self-published books than blogs. Change. Zines, although they're called ephemera in library lingo, are actually a lot more permanent than blogs

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Open Pedagogy and Teaching for Social Change. By. Katherine Pradt. - May 13, 2021. Below is the eleventh in a series of posts by participants in the Winter 2021 Open Pedagogy Fellowship, coordinated by the Mina Rees Library. Fellows will share insight into the process of converting a syllabus to openly-licensed and/or zero-cost resources, as. Open pedagogy is the application of the concepts of open to the the practices of teaching and learning. It can involve a blend of strategies, technologies, and networked communities to empower learners to have control and ownership over their own teaching Zine making: Barnard Zine Library, Why Teach with Zines and Lesson Plans. Creasap, Kimberly. Zine-Making as Feminist Pedagogy. Feminist Teacher 24, no. 3 (2014): 155-68. Raub, Chloe. Feminist Zine Making in Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online. Zineopolis Blog, Make a Foldy Zine Open pedagogy has often been touted as empowering, liberating, and revolutionary. While many . interpretations of the term open pedagogy exist, this chapter specifically focuses on an open. Open pedagogy is different from open practices, which include sharing, giving feedback, testing new ideas, applying open licenses, and giving credit to people whose ideas or resources you use. These practices support open pedagogy, but they don't always put the student in such an active role

E17: Zines Participant Bios: Ayana Zaire Cotton is a transdisciplinary artist, designer, technologist, and educator, visualizing and collectively crafting a post-work future. Her practice is rooted in black feminist, pedagogy, mutual aid, open source philosophy, labor, and black aesthetics research Finally, one of the OTC panels briefly mentioned the Open Pedagogy Notebook. Click on Examples for great-you guessed it- examples of every aspect of an open classroom, from student-generated syllabi to activist zines, the latter of which I have witnessed to be beautifully, powerfully incorporated into curriculum by our fearless leader.

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  1. The Zine Library is physically closed until further notice, but zine library staff are active. Email zines@barnard.edu with questions, for research support, or to learn more about our growing COVID19 zine collection
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  3. If it can't be shared, it can't be taught. You have found Free Queer CUNY: An Open Pedagogy Project at the City University of New York.. In this graduate class we will design queer studies courses for undergraduate students across the CUNY campuses
  4. ist Alliance, 2017. SAFA Zine: Big Love Chachi/Square Up Chachi, 2018. SAFA 2020 pdf. Tenacious #44: The Pandemic Issue edited by Victoria Law, 2020 or 2021. Things to Do at Work When You're Depressed by Lauren, 2018. Tofu Press Zines by Lauren and Laure
  5. For the Barnard Zine Library, I started a collection of COVID-19 zines and I'm inviting people to mail me their zines or send them to me and I'll print them. I've made my own, which is called Unprecedented. I've cataloged over 100 zines so far made by women and non-binary people under quarantine
  6. Zine access and research support by the Barnard Zine Library. Use Study Space. Floors 1, 2, & 3 of the Barnard Library at the Milstein Center are open first-come first-serve for seating and use of PawPrint stations; no reservation required. (Circulating collections remain physically closed; see below for how to request a scan or pick-up.

Open Educational Resources for Queer Studies — The Live List (Google Doc) Free Queer CUNY Syllabus - Google Drive. Free Queer CUNY Syllabus - Google Drive. 1. Free Queer CUNY: An Open Pedagogy Project. 2. Live Syllabus (Google Sheet) 3 The NET-ART OPEN-CALL for Submissions continues this semester! Spring 2020 Edition. What does this mean? What is NET-ART on the Commons? The NET-ART 2020 academic calendar is now accepting submissions on a rolling proposal basis in the following criteria I would like to present to you below a new series of art history remixes and animated GIF mash-ups that I created for the 2019 CAA annual conference.. The conference is taking place in NYC this year (2/13 -2/17) and will be filled with amazing energy, great people, tons of events, talks, discussions, presentations, methods, tactics and so much more Thank you so much for bringing this issue back up as we struggle with how to make the work we use and our own work open and accessible. Currently, a colleague and I are grappling with a similar issue regarding training curricula and materials developed as part of one of our projects

POC Zine Archive Project - The group seeks to make all zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share.A few zines are available to download or read online.. Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) - Founded in 2003, QZAP provides online access to hundreds of zines by and about queer people.This community-supported resource may be searched by decade, title, geographic location, or keyword They can open students' eyes to other outlets for information, showing alternate sources and forcing students to see how the accessible information that is often just taken for fact also has origins and agendas. - Amy Wan, Not Just for Kids Anymore: Using Zines in the Classroom. Zines and other alternative and underground publications can be.

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ZINES. Art Affair - Bonolo Kavula. Seminars. Post and Cosmologies of Black Studies. Applications. The open access platform for collaboration, art writing and creative pedagogy on social engagement art in Africa and its diaspora. Follow us on Instagram. In a 1990 article in Whole Earth Review, notable zine-creator Mike Gunderloy said of the zine world: This is where the action is, where information (and disinformation) is free, where things ar

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Course assignments: Open Pedagogy Notebook examples Zines: renewable assignments #OpenPedagogy; The Values of Open Pedagogy. 2018 Caroline Sinkinson, The Values of Open Pedagogy. The text of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 International License This section is open to publishing pieces that take multiple forms (traditional articles, zines, videos, web essays), but should have a similar level of scholarly engagement and ability to revise as a traditional research article manuscript of about 5000 words. The mission of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is to promote.

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This free, interactive workshop series will include 4 student-led virtual workshops where you will learn how to make a Zine, a Mini-zine, a Quaranzine and more! These workshops are open to all students or staff at uOttawa as well as educators at any local school board A few months back I wrote about a zine-related workshop I was involved in organising. Since that workshop, I have done more work on (and research into) zine practice. Today, that work has resulted in an academic article and Creative Practice piece, published together with Dr Mihaela Brebenel on the Open Access journal MAI: Feminism and Visual Culture

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Zine Librarianship part 1 of 19,375,685 I am sure. I originally wrote this as part of a response to the e-course I previously blogged about here: Feminist Pedagogy in a Library Context but I feel it is important to be transparent about some of what I try and do as part of Salford Zine Library so I am reposting here so it is open access The continued collaboration reflects a professional relationship grounded in strong pedagogy, a shared love of creative final projects, and flexibility that has been so essential in the time of COVID. She noted, Creating zines has been an empowering and liberating project for students. It brings creativity and scholarship together to allow. About the Author. Jenna Freedman is finishing up her MA in Digital Humanities (MADH) from the CUNY Graduate Center (February 2020), working with fellow MADH student Lauren Kehoe on building a union catalog for zines (zinecat.org). By weekday she is the Associate Director of Communications and Zine Librarian at Barnard College. She makes zines and writes and presents here and there about zines. Developed by Laurie Hurson This workshop will provide an introduction to open digital pedagogy by focusing on a core tenet of open teaching: the use of open educational resources, or OER. Podcasts, zines, timelines, and other creative assignments allow students to produce artifacts with audiences beyond their instructor in mind, and to. Erin supports a number of courses engaging in open pedagogy, including those with assignments contributing to Wikipedia, developing social justice zines, reviewing case studies, and publishing student-created monographs and encyclopedic works

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Public History. Crest Street Community History Project:This digital history project records the history of organizing against an expressway over a primarily Black neighborhood in Durham, NC.This resource is part of the Southern Oral History Project, which has other excellent examples as well.; Black at Bryn Mawr: A student-led project documenting the history of Black women at Bryn Mawr college The inspiration for this project was based on another project, the Cluster Pedagogy Learning Community (CPLC), which has been running for almost a year. Zine Week is an event designed to engage faculty and staff— and some students- in communication about teaching and learning, said Dr. Robin DeRosa, director of the Open Learning and.

Fig. 3. Post shared by @the_quaranzine on Instagram. The rapid assemblage of these zines (and the deterritorialization of projects like Fischer's Quaranzine and @the_quarazine) are an important reminder that whether born digitally or in-print, the afterlife of zines are just as important as their exigences, as they document an ethical perspective that institutional public rhetorics tend to. Visible Pedagogy is a platform for discussions about teaching and learning at CUNY. It is edited by the staff of the Graduate Center's Teaching and Learning Center, but is authored by members of the CUNY community.Read more about our mission here. If you would like to contribute please see our Contributors' Guidelines or email us at tlc at gc.cuny.edu open up processes, decisions, institutional norms, expectations. choose open access, open review, open pedagogy. explode the closed walls of the university and clear out the rubble. open says no to the for-profit university but makes sure people get paid for their work. open is not exposure or exploitation, it is loving with an outstretched. Workshop Themes: active learning, hybrid, languages, Open Pedagogy, Socially conscious pedagogy, student-centered Using Backwards Design: A Practical Guide to Creating Assignments This workshop walks participants through the principals of backwards design and how they can be used as a framework for developing any assignment across disciplines

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