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What Will You Have In Product ? Quantity of seeds : 75 (Approx) Spring Celebrities Mix Alcea Plants offer a compact, multi-stemmed habit that produces colorful, double and semi-double blossoms that flower continually over a three-month period. Each plant will bloom in one of these colors: apricot, rose, crimson, lemon, lilac, pink, purple or white. Hollyhocks plants tolerate a range of soil conditions and some light shade but will not tolerate wet soils Hollyhock Seeds - Queeny Mix HollyhockIn a lovely mix of reds, pinks and white, our Dwarf Queeny Mix is a unique Hollyhock both for its diminutive stature (topping out at 20) and for its early flowering, perennial growing habits. Compact enough to grow in a pot or container, Dwarf Queeny Mix doesn't give up a thing when it comes to bloom size Dwarf Queeny Mixed Hollyhock. (Alcea rosea) Compact form, 2-3 feet high, is ideal for bedding use, small enough to grow in pots! Huge, fully double blooms held all along the stems. Contains the full range of hollyhock colors: purple, red, rose, pink, salmon, yellow, and white

Tall, sturdy Double Hollyhocks are prized for their kingly height and their showy, ruffled, carnation-like blooms. Ideal against a building, fence or wall, these old-fashioned favorites produce an explosion of colorful flowers. Excellent for cut-flower bouquets, too! Zone 3-8. Height 4 - 7 feet. Bloom Time Summer to fall The single or double, cup-shaped flowers have little or no stalk and bloom on tall spikes. Hollyhocks come in a wide variety of colors: blue, pink, purple, red, white, yellow and even black. The tall spikes are covered with blooms from top to bottom. Hollyhock leaves are large, coarse and palmate in shape. Toxicity For dwarf hollyhock plants, choose a container 16 (40 cm) deep and 24 (60 cm) in diameter. Hollyhocks have an extensive taproot system that needs room to grow. For hollyhock plants to thrive in containers, using a loose, well-drained potting mix is vital Hollyhock plants should be about 2 feet (61 cm.) apart to grow well. You can also plant bare root hollyhocks. How to Grow Hollyhocks. Once you have planted your hollyhocks, they will need minimal care, but there are a few things you should be aware of when growing hollyhocks. Here are some tips on hollyhocks Hollyhock flowers can be single or double, and come in colors ranging from pink and white to yellow red and even nearly black. Some old-fashioned types can reach 12 feet tall, while hybrids grow 2 to 8 feet tall. Follow these 6 tips to learn how to grow hollyhocks, and keep reading to learn how to grow hollyhocks in Arizona

Hollyhock Flowers: Four inch double flowers borne on wand-like stems. Blooms start near the base of the stem and move upward so that 1-1/2 to 2 feet of each stem is covered with bloom throughout the season. Hollyhock Foliage: Hairy leaves, 6-8 across, borne in low clumps. Hollyhock plants grow up to 6 feet in height Hollyhocks Double Dwarf Mix: Growing hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) in the garden is the goal of many gardeners who remember these impressive flowers from their youth. The flower stalks on hollyhocks can reach heights of 9 feet tall! They can tower above a garden, adding a lovely vertical element to your yard (Alcea rosea) A beautiful dwarf variety in the Queeny series developed by Dr. Zoltan Kovacs of Budapest, Hungary. Compact stalks produce loads of lilac-rose colored, double blooms that are so cute! Now you can even grow annual hollyhocks in pots or small spaces for a wonderful old-fashioned look Alcea rosea annua 'Spring Celebrities Purple'. This hollyhock is a multi-use plant that can be grown as a cut flower, used in large containers, or planted in the landscape. These big semi- to fully-double blooms reach 3 inches wide. Considered a first-year blooming biennial or short-lived perennial. Information provided by Santa Rosa Gardens Form: Perennial, Hollyhock Flower Form: Dense, double flowers borne singly on tall stalks. Soil Requirements: Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil Growth Rate: Medium Pruning: Deadheading wilted flowers will encourage reblooming. Trim back spent flower stalks in late Fall or early Spring before new growth starts. Foliage: 5-7 lobed, large rounded, dull green leaves

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For More Information or to Buy: https://qvc.co/2uU2BkXRoberta's 4-Piece Dwarf Queeny Series Double HollyhocksDon't let the name fool you! The Dwarf Queeny Se.. Dwarf Purple Hollyhock Plants for Sale | Queeny Purple. Hollyhocks are known to represent fertility and fruitfulness, and with bountiful double magenta-purple blooms, Queeny Purple is absolutely no exception.This dwarf hollyhock, a 2004 All America Award Winner, is ideal for smaller garden spaces, containers, or mixed tubs

The dwarf Majorette hollyhock (Alcea rosea Majorette) grows easily from seed, lending its showy pink, red, violet, white or yellow flowers to gardens in U.S. Department of Agriculture. 50 Hollyhock seeds - GOLDEN YELLOW Hollyhock, Large, fully double yellow flowers 1.0 out of 5 stars 1 Dwarf Double Hollyhock Majorette Mix Alcea Rosea Red Pink White Flower rasa1ca (50 Seeds

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As stated previously, hollyhocks love the sun, full sun! However, the dwarf varieties of this plant should be placed in partial shade. Many new gardeners will think that their hollyhocks have died because they look brown and dried during their first year. This is a normal behavior of hollyhocks, as they will tend to go like this during that time Hollyhocks originated in Asia and the area around the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. These stately beauties belong to the Mallow (Malvaceae) family, which includes an unbelievable 1500 different species out of which 27 genera are found throughout North America. Members of this plant family have a distinctive look, so if you think that Hollyhocks remind you of Hibiscus (like I [

Dwarf Double Hollyhock Majorette Mix Alcea Rosea Red Pink White Flower rasa1ca (50 Seeds) 3.6 out of 5 stars 3. $7.50 $ 7. 50. Get it Mon, Jul 26 - Wed, Jul 28. FREE Shipping. More Buying Choices $3.00 (2 new offers) Hollyhock Single Mixed Colors - Long Blooming Period in All Zones Product Description. $3.29. Maximum quantity available reached. Perennial. A dwarf variety of an old-fashioned hollyhock. Semi-double and double flowers range in color from pinks, reds, white and yellow. Easy to grow. Latin Name: Alcea rosea 50 Dwarf Double HOLLYHOCK MAJORETTE MIX Alcea Rosea Red Pink White Maroon Yellow Mixed Color Flower Seeds. SEEDVILLEUSA. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (22,201) $3.00. Add to Favorites Hollyhock Seeds (Dwarf) - Queeny Mix Alcea rosea. Frilly, bold blooms - great for dried flower arrangements. Spring and Summer Blooming; Yellow Blooms. Prefers Full Sun Exposure. Buy by the Packet or in Bulk. Unit Size NAME: Majorette Hollyhock - Mixed Colors - Dwarf Double SCIENTIFIC NAME: Alcea Rosea Majorette COLOR: A Mix of Red, Pink, Dark Burgundy, White, & Yellow PLANT SEEDS: Indoors weeks before last frost / Outdoors after danger of frost BLOOM TIME: Summer HARDINESS ZONE: 3 - 9 PLANT HEIGHT: 24 - 30 PLANT SPACING: 2

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  1. DESCRIPTION: NAME: Majorette Hollyhock - Mixed Colors - Dwarf Double SCIENTIFIC NAME: Alcea Rosea Majorette COLOR: A Mix of Red, Pink, Dark Burgundy, White, & Yellow PLANT SEEDS: Indoors weeks before last frost / Outdoors after danger of frost BLOOM TIME: Summer HARDINESS ZONE: 3 - 9 PLAN
  2. Hollyhock is one of the best pot or garden flowers for the winter seasons in the Indian subcontinent. Usually it comes in single petal and the plants grow ar..
  3. g double ruffled pastel yellow flowers. Shorter than their taller cousins, these varieties can fit gracefully into any garden plan, bloo
  4. Hollyhock 'Queeney Purple' is a dwarf plant (2-3 ft.) with double purple flowers. It was an All-America Selection in 2004. Hollyhocks do not arry over in hot, humid Florida, but they can be grown as annuals. They come up easily from seeds, so no need to buy expensive plants
  5. Double Hollyhock, las vegas hollyhock mix and Halo Perennial Hollyhocks. Dwarf Hollyhock Plants. Become a Partner. Mars Magic Hollyhock. Prices start at : 6.99 USD / each . Mars Magic is a hardy perennial that comes back each year with its vibrant red flowers. Grows 5-6' tall. Other hollyhocks do not flower until the 2nd season and then need to.
  6. Hollyhocks Double Dwarf Mix ₹50.00 Regular Price ₹40.00 Sale Price. Quantity. Add to Cart. Buy Now. PRODUCT INFO. Sow when the night temp is 20-25°C Plant Height: 70 cm Flower Size: 10-12 cm across Sowing distance: 40 cm Plant to Plant Best for: Bed sowing/Borders Sowing method: Seedling
  7. A dwarf variety of an old-fashioned perennial hollyhock. This mix provides plants with a height of only 24 in. to 30 in. and a spread of just 12 in. to 14 in. making them a super selection for areas affording limited height where the taller hollyhocks cant be grown

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I once had the double hollyhocks and I was always giving seeds away everyone wanted seeds, pretty soon my hollyhocks didn't come up. Thanks so much for sharing this information. Voted up and congratulations on HOTD. Stephanie Henkel from USA on April 09, 2013: Congratulations on your Hub of the Day Double Dwarf Champagne Hollyhock I plan to grow many more hollyhocks in the garden. I'm going to plant this fall so that I'll have flowers blooming in 2023. #biennials #hollyhocks #lasvegasgardening #zone9garden #vegasgarde Alcea plants, commonly called Hollyhock, produce long-lasting blooms that flower upwards from the bottom, producing regal spires of bell-shaped blossoms. Attracts pollinators! Our Alcea plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems Chaters Double Hollyhock is an old-fashioned, stately perennial flower that's as popular now as it was in your great grandparents' day! This flower has colorful, double powderpuff blooms that adorn tall spikes. This hollyhock flowers freely from midsummer through fall. *Both double and semi-double blooms will be produced Double Hollyhock Mix flowers in a mix of luscious colors, on strong, tall stems. Commonly planted in the garden's back row to add another level of color, Hollyhocks are also good for screening unsightly areas and planting along a fenceline to add an extra layer of privacy. Blooms appear in mid summer and last through fall. Prefers full sun

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Double Majorette will produce a blend of Carnation like flowers, in shades of red, yellow, pink & even a dark mahogany. The blooms trail along erect stems, which measure a good 30 to 36 inches tall. Double Majorette is a more dwarf variety of Hollyhock, making it easier to place in the garden Peaches 'n Dreams brightens up borders, makes dynamic floral arrangements and perennializes like a dream. The plant is easy and quick to grow, drought tolerant and deer resistant. It naturalizes readily and returns yearly with increased vigour and bloom. Plant along a sunny foundation, fence line or in a back border for greatest impact Hollyhock Seeds Alcea rosea. Hollyhock Seeds. This classic garden flower is grown in nearly all regions of the country! Their tall stalks, packed full of large, colorful blooms are one of the best ways to attract birds and butterflies to your garden! Hollyhock Seeds - Single Mix. Alcea rosea Most old-fashioned hollyhocks, Alcea rosea, grow 6 to 10 feet tall and flower from June through August. The tallest hollyhock, as reported in the 2004 edition of Guinness Book of World Records, was 19 feet, 7 inches, grown by George Palmer in 1978 in England. Dwarf varieties, such as Alcea rosea Majorette Mix, grow 2 to 3 feet tall. Growin

Hollyhocks are the epitome of cottage garden plants. These stately towers of flowers bloom for a long time in summer in a wide variety of colors. Chances are you've seen them alongside a barn, in front of a cute cottage-style house, or gracing the front of a white picket fence. This old-fashioned pass-along plant has absolutely caught the hearts of many Hollyhocks double dwarf is a Winter season flower. Sow when the night temp is 20-25°C. Plant Height: 45 cm, Flower Size: 5-6 cm across . Sowing distance: 20 cm Plant to Plant

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Amazing dwarf Hollyhocks. The frilly, double crimson red flowers are big, each bloom is 7-9cm across, and there are up to 75 on a stem! The beautiful flowers are very attractive to butterflies and bees and add a nice vertical appeal to the garden. Hollyhock Spring Celebrities 'Crimson' is the most compact of all, growing to just 60cm Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea), with their predominant stems of brightly coloured, double blooms, stand tall amongst the rest of the garden from spring to summer.They can grow up to a whopping 2 metres in height and are ideal as an annual decorative backdrop along sunny walls and fences Hollyhocks Dwarf Celebrity Mixed (Garden Ready) A fantastic new introduction to our bedding range, this variety will produce spikes of impressive flowers from June to September in a fabulous range of colours. They are perfect for the centre of a border, and equally impressive in a large container as an unusual patio pot display Hollyhock Majorette Double Mixed Heirloom Dwarf. Grow Hollyhock: Full sun, part sun in hottest climates. Irrigate from below and provide good air circulation. Most are biennials, or short-lived perennials Noted for its shorter stature, Alcea rosea 'Spring Celebrities Pink' (Hollyhock) is a short-lived perennial which produces sturdy spikes of large, double, soft pink flowers. Blooming from mid to late summer, the striking flowers are arranged all round the spike and bloom from the bottom up. An old garden favorite, this hollyhock is perfect for the sunny border or containers

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  1. Unlike many sun-loving perennials, Yellow Double Hollyhock is safe to plant under Black Walnut trees, as they tolerate the toxic juglone released through that tree's roots. These hollyhocks grow up to 8' tall, so they make a stunning backdrop for lower growing perennials. Once established, they're drought tolerant
  2. Double hollyhocks are stunning but they don't have the appeal that single varieties have to pollinating bees. If creating a bee-friendly garden stick to single varieties, where you can see the central part of the flowers. How to grow hollyhocks
  3. Compact Hollyhock. USDA Zone: 6-9. Plant number: 1.030.750. Hollyhocks have been grown in gardens for centuries. This is a new compact strain that features bushy, dwarf plants that produce sturdy stems with an abundance of large double blooms. This selection features red double flowers that will bloom during the summer and into the early fall
  4. Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) tower majestically at the back of a flowerbed on 4- to 5-foot stalks that bear 3- to 6-inch flowers in shades of white to pink to purple, and even yellow hues. Each flower lasts only a few days, but the season of bloom can be from four weeks to three months long

Caribou Seed Company: Perennial HOLLYHOCK CHATER'S Double Triumph Mix, 20 Seeds, Althea rosea, Cut Flower, Butterfly Garden 3.2 out of 5 stars 159 $3.95 $ 3 . 9 The fig-leaf hollyhock (Alcea ficifolia) is rust-resistant.Who says all hollyhocks (Alcea spp.) are infested with rust (Puccinia malvacearum), a disease that burns up the lower leaves before the end of the summer?True enough, there are no rust-resistant varieties of the species most often sold, the common hollyhock (Alcea rosea), but there are more than other 60 species of Alcea Hollyhock, Chaters Pink. ★★★★★. Prices start at : 4.99 USD / 1 Pkt. (75 seeds) Hollyhock is the backbone of the old-fashioned cottage garden, with its stately spires of large, delicate, wide open, round flowers. Truly romantic ruffly, double flowers, 3 1/2 across. Planting Time: Spring 1. Plant the hollyhocks outdoors in the spring. Wait until after all signs of frost have passed, and average soil temperatures are at least 50 °F (10 °C). Alternatively, you can sow the hollyhock seeds directly in the ground at this time (0.25 to 0.5 in (0.64 to 1.27 cm) deep) if you did not start the plants indoors Queeny Red Hollyhock is a well branched- bright red compact bushy plant with double anemone flowers that will grow quickly from seed. Height of 2-3 feet that is ideal for bedding use and small enough for pots. 50 Seeds Per Package. Hollyhocks need to be up and actively growing by February or early March

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  3. How to grow hollyhocks. Hollyhocks are easy to grow and their blooms come in a wide range of jewel colours, flowering from early summer to autumn. Their tall spires look good grown against walls and fences and are stalwarts of cottage gardens. Hollyhocks can be cut for bouquets and you can even add the petals to salads or crystallise for cake.

Hollyhocks. Botanical name: Alcea. Cottage garden stalwarts, hollyhocks are easy to grow from seed and will often obligingly seeding themselves around the garden. The tall elegant flower spikes are produced from the well-known biennials, but you can also try. annuals and short-leaved perennials too Rudbeckia Rustic Dwarf Mixed Seeds. Regular price ₹45 View. Phlox Beauty Dwarf Mix-Seeds. Regular price ₹45 View. 1 2 3 5 → Reach Us. WhatsApp Us: +91 727 608 2900. One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform

Dwarf, 2-3 ft. hollyhocks with semi double and fully double flowers. 100 seeds - $2.99 -+ ADD TO CART. Queeny Dwarf Mix Hollyhock Seeds. A formula seven color mix. Dwarf hollyhocks to 2 to 3 ft. tall. 50 seeds - $2.99 -+ ADD TO CART. Spring Celeb­rities Mix Hollyhock Seeds Dwarf variety of old-fashioned perennials Hollyhock. A super selection for areas where taller hollyhocks cannot be grown. These starter plants will produce semi-double and double flowers. Suitable to grow both in containers or landscape You will receive two plants growing in 2.5 pots ***Combined shipping discount on multiple orders will be. Buy Queeny Purple Hollyhock online. A dwarf, dense, and well-branched Hollyhock reaching 2-3 feet high and 1-1 ½ feet wide. Large, double, 3-4 inch flowers are held upright and bloom from early summer to early fall. View Available Similar Plants

Perfectly suited to smaller gardens, courtyards, and mixed containers, with shorter stems displaying big, frilly, cerise-pink double flowers with softer-colored fringed edges. A stunning cut or dried flower. Ideal for creating a mid-border vertical effect, especially effective when under-planted with lower growing perennials. An herbaceous perennial Hollyhocks may be tall (4-6 feet) or dwarf (about 2 feet). They have stiff stems, maple-like foliage and, in summer, spikes of single or double blooms, 3-6 inches wide, in all colors (except blue). Old-fashioned types display bell-shaped petals, while modern types are more often fringed, ruffled, or double Took the plunge myself in the last week and ordered specific colors of two different types of dwarf Hollyhocks (Spring Celebrities Series and Queeny Series). Hoping these two do some blooming this spring/summer. They were planted last year and are now growing at a fast clip. Double Apricot (back left) and Russian Hollyhock on the right Hollyhocks are at home in full sun and resistant to drought. They grow from 4 to 12 feet tall, depending on variety. They bloom in papery open blossoms that open in succession along the stalks, beginning in summer. Perennial varieties may suffer from hollyhock rust, a fungus treated best by early spraying and removal of affected foliage 3. Hollyhock to sooth dry skin - face and body. Put flowers in warm water, crush a little and apply to dry or flaky skin on your face. You can add them to your bath too to soothe dry skin. 4. Make a Cold Infused Hollyhock Tea. Mashmallow and Hollyhock flowers, leaves and roots reduce pain and inflammation. They are good as a healing tea

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The common Hollyhock (Alcea) is one of the most desirable garden plants. It should be planted in full sun and, if placed in a protected location, need not be staked. With the exception of our Perennial Singles, varieties offered are officially biennials, but we find that under favorable conditions they will persist for a number of years This specially selected hollyhock mix features a range of long lasting, vividly coloured blooms that will bring masses of flowers throughout summer. Extremely easy to grow and super-tough, Hollyhocks are very hardy and perennial, provding you with years of glorious colour

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Available in a range of flowers colours, and also both double and single flowering types, these old fashioned plants are well worth seeking out. The botanical name of the most common form is Alcea rosea however over 50 species are available with many hybrids. You will now find dwarf Hollyhock varieties for sale in many of the better nurseries Hollyhocks also are now available in dwarf cultivars, growing just 30 or so inches high. These hollyhocks behave as annuals, blooming the first year, and sometimes also will behave as a perennial. However, there are some dwarf varieties of hollyhocks that can be successfully grown in containers, such as in a whisky or wine barrel. Just make sure to check the soil frequently to see if it needs watering, as containers will dry out fairly quickly in the summertime. Water when it feels dry more than 1 inch deep into the soil Find Double Dwarf Hollyhocks Alcea Rosea Vintage stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Dwarf Hollyhock Mix - Alcea Rosea. A perfect hollyhock for thos with smaller gardens. This dwarf mix has semi-double blooms with large lily pad shaped leaves. Really great to enjoy all the colors and beauty of hollyhocks in less space. Zones: 3 through 8. Height: Up to 2-3 ft. Flower Color: Multi

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POPLUAR HOLLYHOCK VARIETIES. Alcea Rosea Nigra - Tall stems with almost black maroon flowers.. Appleblossom - double hollyhock with pink flowers.. Peaches n Dreams - Double peach coloured blooms.. Chater's Double Icicle - large, fully double, crystal white, powder-puff flowers.. Indian Spring - a single flowered hollyhock in mostly rosy shades of red with some yellows Hollyhocks have been grown in gardens for centuries. This is a new compact strain that features bushy, dwarf plants that produce sturdy stems with an abundance of large double blooms. This selection features lilac double flowers that will bloom during the summer and into the early fall Perfect for the cottage garden, this selection sports tall, sturdy spikes of ruffled, fully double, scarlet red flowers that open from the bottom up over a long period in summer. The leaves are deeply lobed in classic Alcea form. Feel free to grow hollyhocks under Black Walnut trees; they are tolerant of the toxic juglone that is emitted. Compact Hollyhock. USDA Zone: 6-9. Plant number: 1.030.730. Hollyhocks have been grown in gardens for centuries. This is a new compact strain that features bushy, dwarf plants that produce sturdy stems with an abundance of large double blooms. This selection features purple double flowers that will bloom during the summer and into the early fall Dwarf perennial hollyhock, Spring Celebrity (stokeseeds.com) also blooms quickly—14 to 16 weeks from seeding. It grows 30 inches (75 cm) tall and the flowers are a mix of semi-double and double in the first year, and all double the second year

Hollyhock Double Apricot flowers in a mix of luscious colors, on strong, tall stems. Commonly planted in the garden's back row to add another level of color, Hollyhocks are also good for screening unsightly areas and planting along a fenceline to add an extra layer of privacy. Blooms appear in mid summer and last through fall. Prefers full sun Hollyhock rust is the most common fungal leaf disease of hollyhocks (Alcea rosea). Many other ornamentals (e.g., flowering maple, rose mallow) and weeds (e.g., common mallow) in the mallow family are also susceptible. Hollyhock rust can quickly spread, causing stunting of plants and premature leaf drop. In rare instances, hollyhock rust can. Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) belong to the mallow family. The botanical name comes from the Latin word altheo, which means to cure, because some hollyhocks have medicinal properties. The old-fashioned hollyhocks are hardy perennials but they are short-lived. They form foliage the first year and don't produce flowers until the second year Hollyhock flowers typically bloom in white, pink, red or yellow. These flowers can reach sizes of about three inches across. Planting Hollyhocks. Hollyhock plants can be best established by considering the following factors: When to Plant Hollyhocks. Typically, hollyhock plants take about a year to grow from seed Harvesting Hollyhock Seeds. At the end of the growing season (late summer or early fall), rather than picking the flowers on your hollyhocks, allow them to go to seed on the stalks. When hollyhock flowers go to seed, they shrivel and turn brown. Eventually, the petals fall to the ground, leaving large, fuzzy, brown pods behind

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Hollyhock Queens Dwarf Doubles. NZ $3.95. Description. A truly compact strain of Hollyhock with tight clusters of fluffy double flowers on bushy plants. Colours include Purple, Rose Red, Lilac Rose, Salmon, Yellow and White. Ideal for bedding, borders or larger containers with free draining fertile soils. Maturity 90 days from transplant Double dwarf hollyhocks or Alcea rosea vintage engraving. Old engraved illustration, in vector, of a double dwarf hollyhock plant and flowers. Art floral vector seamless pattern. Blue, pink asters and hollyhocks. Art floral vector seamless pattern. Blue, pink asters and hollyhocks isolated on ligh

Hollyhocks come in a variety of colors including pink, red, yellow, purple, white and even black. The flowers can be single, semi-double or double and when they start blooming in July you can expect to have blooms through September. While Hollyhocks are beautiful they are not without their drawbacks Frilly purple blooms. These amazing dwarf Hollyhocks with full sized blooms. The frilly, double to semi double flowers are big, with each bloom growing 7-10cm across, and there are up to 75 on a stem! You can enjoy up to an impressive three months of blooms

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Hollyhock (Alcea Rosea) Hollyhock is a tall stately summer blooming plant that is sure to attract butterflies & hummingbirds to your garden. Best planted near the back of a border or along walls/fences to support it's tall stature. This compact plant produces tall flower towers, excellent for cut flower arrangements Splendour Seeds Hollyhock Mix flower seeds. Variety : Summer Carnival mix. Seed quantity : around 50 seeds.A perfect hollyhock for thos with smaller gardens. Mixture of bright, double bell type flowers. Bush compact and good blooming plant. Plant height approx. 2.5 ft

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Hollyhocks, otherwise known as Alcea, are a stable of many gardeners and synonymous with cottage garden displays. This pristine Double White variety produces amazing flowers in pure white. The flowers are perfect for attracting bees, butterflies and other nectar loving insects into your garden. Height 1.8m. Flowers June to September Dwarf MCA dwarf variety of an old-fashioned perennial hollyhock. The dwarf height makes them a super selection for areas where the taller hollyhocks can´t be grown. Flower colors range from pinks and reds, with white and yellow semi-double and double flowers. Easy to grow in the landscape or even in containers Common Names: Hollyhock Foliage: Simple rounded leaves. Deciduous. Flowers: Large saucer shaped blooms, 3 to 6in (7 to 15cm) wide, opening from the bottom of the flower spike to the top. Single or double flowering varieties are available, in a range of pastel shades including red, pink, yellow and white