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1. Crop Tool. This is the quickest and easiest way to crop an image if you want to trim a photo in a rectangular shape. Step 1: Place an image in your Illustrator document. Step 2: Click on the image. You will see a Crop Image option in Quick Actions under the Properties panel. Step 3: Click the Crop Image option Do one of the following: To cut in a curved path, drag the pointer over the object. To cut in a straight path, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (macOS) as you click the artboard with the Knife tool, and then drag. The cuts created using the Knife tool appear as strokes on the object. Choose Select > Deselect In this step by step Illustrator CC 2018 tutorial we will teach you how to cut out an object within an image in Illustrator CC in order to remove it's backgr..

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Crop marks indicate where you want the printed paper to be cut. Crop marks are useful when you want to create marks around several objects on a page—for example, when printing a sheet of business cards. They are also helpful for aligning Illustrator artwork that you've exported to another application Cropping Images in Illustrator Open your image in Illustrator. Next, switch to the Selection tool by clicking the arrow at the top of the toolbar or using the command V. Click on the image to select it Crop An Image In Illustrator To crop an image in Illustrator, select the image with the Selection Tool and click the Crop Image button in the tool settings menu. From there, you can crop your image freehand or by inputting a numerical value. Once you are finished, press the Apply button to apply your changes Wondering how to crop an image in Illustrator? This video will teach you several different cropping techniques and when to use each one. Download Unlimited..

Select The Image You Want to Crop And Click on The Artboard Icon This time, we will crop the image with an Artboard. First, select the image you are working on and then click on the Artboard icon. 2 You can either open a jpg image with Illustrator from the Finder with the command Open with , or drag one into a current project. 2. Click on the button Crop the image or select it in the Object Tool tab After placing the image, make sure that it is selected withc the selected tool As a vector-based program, Illustrator isn't equipped to edit pixel-based objects. As others have mentioned, you can use a mask to essentially reveal just the parts of the image that you want, and the remainder of the image is simply hidden from v.. Adobe illustrator is a professional platform for graphic art. Use for a large program design workflow and it is allowed to design from little design to larger or entire composition. It is used to design logos, posters, icons, and many other things. Adobe illustrator app that lets you capture your illusions into shapes and effects and typography I would use the Crop pathfinder. Create your artboard sized rectangle on top of the other objects; Select all the objects and Crop in the Pathfinder Panel. This will remove all vector objects that fall outside of the rectangle

I tried cropping a vector image in Adobe Illustrator by following this link: How can I crop everything outside of an art board in Illustrator? I was able to do it once. I repeated the steps and it just won't crop. I found out the 'secret' steps. Follow the same steps in the link up to: Object > Clipping Mask > Make. Double click on the object Illustrator - Create a Vector Swatch from a Madpattern Template Illustrator Script to Make a Rectangle the Size of the Artboard Labels: crop art board , crop artboard , crop artboard to object , crop artboard to the image , crop excess artboard , resize artboard , scale artboar To locate it, if working with Illustrator CC2019 or later, first ensure that you are working with the advanced toolbar ( Window > Toolbars > Advanced ). Next, click-and-hold the Eraser Tool icon in the toolbox (highlighted red below) and release the mouse when hovering over the Crop Image Tool. It is important an embedded image is selected

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  2. CorelDRAW vs. Adobe Illustrator. If you are working in the graphic design industry, I guess you're pretty familiar with CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator, the two most popular design software. Both programs are good for . Read More
  3. Step 16: Now click on the Apply tab button, which is present on the top right corner of the cropping section of the work area of Adobe Illustrator or press the Enter key on the keyboard to crop the selected image. Cropping in the Linked Image. You can easily crop in the linked image by following the below steps. Step 1: For cropping the linked image, select the linked image by clicking on it
  4. So, launch Illustrator and upload a photo of choice. STEP 2. Click on the Artboard Icon. The second step of this Illustrator crop tutorial is clicking on the Artboard icon. Select the needed size next. STEP 3. Find the Crop Image Button. The Control Panel at the top contains the Crop Image option. Find it and click on it
  5. Choose File > Place, and select the image that you want to place. Click Place. Select the image you want to crop using the Selection tool ( ). Note: Illustrator invokes the Selection tool by default when you choose the Crop Image option. If any other tool is active, Illustrator automatically switches to the Selection tool
  6. Step 1 - Select the image you want to crop and put the image in the artboard. Now you don't need to select the image right away. Step 2 - Make the shape that you want the image to be cropped in. If you want your image to be cropped in the shape of a square or a circle, then create that shape. I'll tell you how

When you export your slices in Illustrator via Save for Web & Devices, you will see an option at the top right of the save window that allows you to select the export file type. One of the options there is PNG. This will create a PNG image with transparency wherever the white artboard background is showing in your slice If the pattern was a pattern fill you would not have the problem or you can use the Pathfinder instead of using a Clipping path. Why it is happening: How to fix the clippng path issue: Step 1: If you have a clipping path, release it Object> Clipping Path> Release or Make/Release Clipping mask in the Layers Panel Step 2: Select the pattern and. As a vector-based program, Illustrator isn't equipped to edit pixel-based objects. As others have mentioned, you can use a mask to essentially reveal just the parts of the image that you want, and the remainder of the image is simply hidden from v..

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Jul 27, 2018. Clipping mask, as Ton said, would be the way to do it in Illustrator.Let's say this is your PDF:Draw a rectangle over the area you want to keep. Color of the rectangle doesn't matter.Select the PDF and the rectangle and choose Object > Clipping Mask > Make. The original quality will be preserved Illustrator How to Cut a Shape Using the Crop Tool. Another way to cut or areas of a shape is to use the Crop Tool, which can be found in the Pathfinder Palette. This works by using a shape placed over another object to determine which part of the object to keep and which part to delete. Create a new object (of any shape) over your existing shape How to Crop Photos in Illustrator - Drawing a Shape Start by drawing a rectangle. Select the Rectangle Tool in the tools panel, then click and drag on the artboard to draw. You will be able to change the size and dimensions of this later; drawing any random rectangle for now will do 1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. 0. Anyway I figured out a way: Enlarge the image in Illustrator, crop, and then drag the corner to resize the image back to the desired size. It seems that Illustrator compresses small images after cropping but is more tolerating for bigger images. Share

Adobe Illustrator: How to Crop your Final Artwork. Posted on: April 18th, 2016 Author: barb.binder Category: Adobe Illustrator. by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on Illustrator. Are you looking for the Crop tool in Illustrator? Good luck with that—as of CC 2015, there is still no Crop tool Kara,You may see whether you can get close enough with this:1) Cut the rectangle at the lower corners with the Scissors Tool;2) With the bottom side path selected, Effect>Distort & Transform>Roughen with Smooth Points and trying out the other vaues to get the desired look if possible;3) Object>Expand Appearance, Ungroup and delete the unwanted nostroke/nofill path;4) Join the paths into one. Images are easy to crop in Illustrator—it even comes with a tool just for the job. Any version of Illustrator will work, but sometimes menus move between different editions. In most versions, you can open the image in Illustrator, select it, and use the Crop Image tool from the Object menu to crop the image Crop When selecting 2 overlapping shapes, the Crop tool will remove the exposed part of the under layer, leave the overlapping section of the other (removed) shape and the path of the remaining top layer section. 1. Create and select your 2 overlapping shapes. 2. Select the Crop tool, then ungroup the shapes. They can then be separated. Cropping gets complex for the beginners as they do not get it done without ruining the whole project. If you've ever used a clipping mask to hide all of the extra artwork that hangs off the edges of your Illustrator art board, and wished you could just get rid of the excess, here's how to crop in Illustrator

Open your Illustrator project. From the top menu select File > Place and choose the image you want to crop. Right-click on the image and choose Crop Image from the context menu. Enter your new values in the Tool Options menu and click Apply. Or click-and-drag the corners of the dashed crop window and click Enter How do I crop an image in AI? Click Crop Image on the Control panel. Choose Object > Crop Image. Choose Crop Image from the context menu. How do I cut a circle in Illustrator? Press Alt+Shift (Option+Shift) and drag a point to make a smaller, perfect circle. Click and hold the Knife tool in the Tools panel and select the Scissors tool Refer to the following article of ElectrodealPro to learn in detail how to cut and delete images in Adobe Illustrator. 1. How to crop and delete pictures in Adobe Illustrator. Follow the steps below to crop and delete shapes in Adobe Illustrator: Step 1: Open or create an image file in Adobe Illustrator

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To crop an image in Adobe Illustrator you firstly need to place it on to your artboard by going to File>Place. Then select the image with your main selection tool and then in your control bar you will see an option for 'Crop Image'. If you are attempting to crop a linked image an alert will pop up prompting you to embed the image after you. How To Crop A Circular Image In Illustrator. Crop a circle in image online free tool Easy circle cropping. No special skills are required to do the circle cropping in our app. you can do it by simple steps, just upload the image file, then drag the circle cropper to the desired area in the image, and click Crop button. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to crop in Illustrator using the Crop Image feature, the Mask tool, the Export feature, the Clipping Mask, the Opacity Mask, the Crop Tool, and the Eraser Tool. Skip straight to your favorite part: • 0:26 How to prepare an image for cropping • 0:48 How to crop a photo in Illustrator C

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Illustrator is a powerful program with a sometimes overwhelming number of tools. Here are a few tools that can get you through most basic projects. As you make more files, you'll get more comfortable with the program and experimenting with new tools. For now, try to keep things simple until you have a basic understanding of how to use these tools Click Crop Image on the Properties or Control panel. If your image is a link to the file, Illustrator will warn you that cropping it will embed the image. Meaning that it will create a (cropped) copy and save it inside your Illustrator file. The original image will not be affected by and will not affect the image inside your artwork

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  1. If you are working with a linked image, Illustrator prompts you to have the linked files embedded after the crop. Just click OK to continue. How to crop an image in Illustrator [clipping masks] Just like in Photoshop, Illustrator also has masks. Create different shapes and reveal only part of the image. Create the object you want to use.
  2. Adobe Illustrator Gets Things Done. Adobe Illustrator offers a wide range of tools you can use to create almost any type of image. The cropping tool, clipping masks, and opacity masks are basic features, but graphic designers rely on them extensively
  3. Follow our quick and easy videos below for the full rundown on how to create clipping mask shapes in Illustrator, along with a few real-life applications to additional shapes and text as well. Happy designing! Step 1 . Open a new artboard in Illustrator and pull in your desired image and shape. Edit your shape as-needed until it's shape you.
  4. How To Crop A Image In Illustrator Cs6 Find a program that will let you crop an image. It's impossible to just crop an image while on the internet; in order to successfully crop an image, you'll need to save the image onto your disk, open it using a picture formatting or word processing program, and manipulate it there. The following are programs that you can use to crop an image.
  5. Edit> Paste in Place and position and resize the artwork as you like on the Artboard. Draw a rectangle with no stroke and no fill the size of your new Artboard. Select all the Artwork on your new Artboard and the Rectangle. Go to Window> Pathfinder and select Crop (third from the right on the bottom row) This will Crop the artwork to your.
  6. Here is how to cut an image in Illustrator using this tool. First, select the Knife tool from the main Illustrator toolbar. Depending on the version you have of Illustrator, it may be paired with the Eraser tool or the Scissors tool. Now, click and drag to draw a path along the object or image you are working with

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To create and adjust the Pattern with Illustrator, select the base design and go to Object > Pattern > Make, click OK in the pop-up window to enter Pattern Editing Mode. In the Pattern Options panel and name your pattern. the Pattern Tile Tool brings up a blue outline with handles around the main pattern The next step of learning how to vectorize in Illustrator is choosing the mode. In the Image Trace panel, find the Mode drop down menu, and choose the mode that best suits your design. Modes can be grayscale, black and white, or color. Once your mode has been set, you'll have to adjust the color density with the slider below

With Illustrator open, go to File > Open to navigate your desktop and open your JPG file. Again, we're starting with Illustrator trace, image to vector. We'll trace an image on Illustrator, so start with a simple raster image, like this example file. Step 2. Now, we have the image open How to add bleed in Microsoft Publisher. Click File > Print. Make sure Print to PDF or Save to PDF is selected. Click the menu to select a printer, and then click Advanced Output Settings. On the Marks and Bleeds tab, under Printer's marks, select the Crop marks check box. Under Bleeds, select both Allow bleeds and Bleed marks How to Design Patterns in Illustrator - Pattern Options Window. When the Pattern Tool is opened the Pattern Options Window will open as well. Here you can name the pattern (which will appear in the swatches panel), and adjust the tiling of the pattern. How to Crop Photos in Illustrator. Tutorials This video tutorial shows step by step how to create a denim texture using Illustrator and Photoshop (just for cropping). NEW FEATURE! How to Crop in Illustrator: In the October 2017 Illustrator CC release, Adobe added a cropping feature right inside AI! It works great and is super simple

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Step 3: Create a clipping path using the image and the shape. In order to crop an image to a shape with Affinity Designer, we'll need to use the shape as a clipping path. To do this, simply click and drag the image layer on top of the shape layer. You should see your image fill the shape in real time How to Vectorize an Image in Illustrator. First of all, you'll need to import an image. Create a new document, and then press Ctrl + Shift + P (Cmd + Shift + P on Mac) to import an image. You can also go to File > Place from the top menu. Dragging and dropping in image files works as well, but they'll import at full size, and you'll have to. Create a motif. Next, I'm going to create a simple pattern tile using the branches. I want to make a random repeating pattern, so I'm going to arrange them on the artboard, and rotate some of them to create movement. Don't worry if some of them are outside the artboard, but make sure the items you want in the pattern touch the artboard

In order to create a new pattern, the first step is to create a design. The second step is to identify a square or rectangular area that will be repeated - and crop everything else out. The third step will be to define the pattern swatch itself. Illustrator How to Make a Pattern Step 1: Create a Pattern Design

There are many reasons why you might want to change the format of Adobe Illustrator files. For example, users might want a DWG file to import into an engineering firm's 3D modeling application or they might be working on their own side project and need a final design in a CAD format Learn the 2 ways that you can crop images in Adobe Illustrator. You need to be using Adobe CC 2018 or newer to access the Properties panel (which is found in your. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Crop an Image in AI CS6. Use the Rectangle Tool to create a cropping path that is the same size as the art board. Center the cropping path on the art board and send it in front of all the other objects on the art board. (Object > Arrange > Bring to Front Using the Crop tool in Illustrator CS3. Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 02/09/2008. After your artwork is finished in Illustrator, you often need to change the dimensions of your image. You can crop a teaser from an illustration to use for publication on a website. The crop tool in Illustrator is very helpful Through Crop Tool You can crop an image through the crop tool. So, here are the steps that you must follow: • Firstly, you have to go to the program and click on New or Open on your device. • After that, you should add an image. • Then you need to click on File and choose Place to add the photo you wish to crop

If you're using Adobe Illustrator CS4, you know that cropping an image can be less than a simple task. This how-to walks you through the steps, not only showing how to place and move the image, but also how to crop it to the desired sized. Unlike Photoshop which allows you to work directly with pixels, Illustrator treats all images as whole objects Clipping Mask. Object>Clipping Mask>Make. Shortcut: ⌘7. YouTube. Thank you to reader Michelle who suggested this tutorial idea! Knowing how to create clipping masks is a necessity for any designer. If you have any questions, or want to request a specific tutorial, be sure to leave a comment and let me know! *I am linking up to these parties

Obviously you should launch Adobe illustrator. Click on the <file menu> and choose <open>. Now you have to choose a picture which you need to resize. 3) Click on image. 4) Move on top, here is a control panel, on the right you see <transform>, so click on it, the window will show up, set the size in uniform field which you need for example 50% Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based design software. Meaning you can infinitely scale vector artwork without any loss in quality or resolution. This differs from raster-based artwork like images, as these are pixel based. Pixel-based objects degrade in quality as they are enlarged, because you are stretching each pixel. Vector objects are. Although Illustrator was never intended as a layout and typography program, it can certainly be used for simple multi-page documents. In this example, the structure for a trifold brochure will be created. Create a new file by either clicking New, or using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+N . In the dialog box, set the Unit of Measurement to Picas Learn how to crop images. Now that you know how to place images, it's time to learn how to crop them. In Illustrator, you can crop images into any shape you could ever want! Circle, square, the letter M, you name it. Add layers to your document. Adding layers can help make your graphic feel super organized while you're designing

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How to Trace Images in Illustrator. To trace images with the Image Trace tool in Illustrator: Open a blank document in Illustrator, then select File > Place and choose the image you want to trace. If you mess up, you can undo recent changes by pressing Ctrl + Z or Cmd + Z. To restore the image to its last saved state, select File > Revert In Illustrator, place refers to bringing files into an existing document. Placed files can be embedded in a document or linked from an external source and included in an Adobe Illustrator CC document. Before you learn how to crop in Illustrator, you need to first place images. When files are linked, changes to the original file are reflected in. There are two different ways to save images for web correctly in Illustrator. Option One: Save for Web. With this option, you can only save out one artboard at a time. However, you will have more control over the quality of the photo. Select the artboard you would like to save out by selecting the artwork on that artboard The good news is that you don't need crop marks for irregular shapes, just the bleed. This is because irregular shapes are not cut with a big, straight blade, but die cut (模切 mú qiē). A die is a custom shaped bit of metal that fits in a press and cuts out the exact shape of your printed object

Basic Transparency. Step 1: Open Adobe Illustrator and draw or write a text on the artboard. Then click on Window and select Transparency. Step 2: You will get a dialog box. Step 3: Regulate the opacity in order to provide some transparency to the text. Here we are keeping it like 50% Patterns can add branding, texture, tone, style, and even greater meaning to a design. With just a few clicks in Adobe Illustrator, you can make dazzling custom patterns. This tutorial covers the basics of designing patterns in Illustrator, and shows advanced applications for inspiration. Technique #1: Spacin Crop marks will be created outside the corners of the box. In CS4 or newer, select EFFECT>Crop Marks to create the correct type of crop marks in Illustrator. In CS3 or older, select FILTER>Create>Crop Marks. In Method 2, If you created your design in illustrator and set up your artboard to measure the finished size of your printed piece, any.

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Crop marks indicate the trim lines on a printed sheet of paper. A graphic designer, writer, and artist who writes about and teaches print and web design. Trim lines that are placed at the corners of a printed document image or page by a graphic designer or commercial printer are known as crop marks. They tell the printing company where to trim. This is the first thing you'll be asked to set up when opening a new Illustrator, InDesign or Quark document. If the dialogue box doesn't appear, you can select File » New Document to create a new document (see fig 1.1).; Choose either a standard, pre-set or custom paper size A clipping mask is a simple way to crop a photo to fit a shape or path. Here we'll use this photo, and this photo of a trendy girl chewing gum to keep with the theme. We'll start by dragging and dropping the photo into our Illustrator document, then dragging the desired shape over it. Right-click > Bring to Front if the shape isn't on top Adobe Illustrator give you a way to easily create real trim marks (after taking it away, if I remember correctly). Now, there is two ways to create trim marks. Illlustrator differentiates between them by calling one set Trim Marks, and the other Crop Marks. Object > Create Trim Marks will create marks that are actua

Start a new file in Illustrator. Start a new file in Illustrator by clicking Create new on the main menu. Alternatively, you can open an existing file to edit in a transparent background. You can drag and drop the file onto the workspace or use the File > Open menu. 2 In this tutorial we will learn how to place an image inside the text. Using this tutorial, you can create a great text effect to look like an image is inlayed into your text. Here is a preview of some effects you can create on your text using this tutorial. Follow these steps: 1. Create a new document using File > New

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Do you have questions about the Graphic Designer Pro Course? Please email support@graphicdesignerpro.com. DISCLAIMER NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS/USERS OF GRAPHIC DESIGNER PRO SERVICES AND PRODUCTS: GRAPHIC DESIGNER PRO DOES NOT HOLD ITSELF OUT AS A POST SECONDARY SCHOOL AND PROVIDES NO EDUCATIONAL STATE CREDITS NOR ANY STATE AUTHORISED DEGREES OR CERTIFICATES THAT COULD BE USED FOR POST SECONDARY. 2 thoughts on How to Shorten Crop Marks In Adobe Illustrator Tenda Support on July 4, 2018 at 8:26 pm said: the given information is very helpful for the people and the shorten crop is properly described with the screenshots. keep posting this kind of things Export these by selecting File > Save as. In the Save as dialog box: 1. Select Illustrator EPS (eps) as your Format. 2. Be sure to check/select Use Artboards, and check/select All so it exports all individual artboards. 3. In your Final Logos folder, create a sub folder named Print and then click Save. 4 How to Crop Linked Images in InDesign. As you work in Adobe InDesign to create printed and digital projects for your company and its clients, you combine text with graphics. Placing visuals into an Adobe InDesign layout links these content assets to your document rather than embedding them into the file. When you add. In a previous article, I shared an overview of Illustrator and how it will change your design world.One of the features I mentioned was the ability to mock up repeating patterns from a fabric swatch found online, and in this tutorial I'm going to show you just how to do that with your favourite fabrics found at Offset Warehouse.This is a great process to go through before you buy your fabric.

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Adobe Illustrator—a program created specifically for working with and editing vector graphics—is an essential tool for using these images in your work. So, how can you use ready-made vectors in Illustrator? Here are seven tutorials with examples of how you can incorporate vectors in your work to create stunning final products. 1 To create a document with bleeds, open Illustrator and click. File > New. Type in the documents size. To add a bleed, go to the Bleed section and click on the arrow under the section titled Top until you see 0.125 in. Adjusting the bleed under one section will auto-populate the rest. Click Create

How to Make a Pattern in Illustrator. Illustrator Tools & Tips. Patterns are a great way to decorate websites, backgrounds, iPhone cases, and anything else that needs more than a white backdrop. But to be able to use the same pattern on many different elements or objects — and make sure it doesn't look like Minecraft — vectors are a must Crop Marks. This adds crop marks to graphics that you have created in Illustrator. This is generally used for printing purposes. Distort & Transfor

How to make a seamless horizontal striped pattern in Illustrator. We are going to start with a seamless horizontal striped pattern. This is really easy to make, so open Illustrator and create a new artboard. The size of the artboard is not important for this pattern. Set the fill color to one of the two colors you want to use and remove the stroke How to crop a picture into a circle. 1. Upload. Upload your desired image from your photo library or select a stock image to feature in your design. 2. Circle Crop. Create shapes with the Crop & Shape tool so your images pop in your design. Select your desired image, then choose the Crop & Shape tool to make a circle crop

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Illustrator dotted lines are an effective way to clarify infographics and embellish your vector illustrations. Draw a dotted line in Illustrator following these steps: Create a line or shape using the line segment tool (/) Go to the Appearance section of the Properties tab on the right-hand side. Click Stroke to open the stroke options For many designers, Illustrator is the go-to software for logo design. This industry-standard software makes it easy to design stunning logos for any industry, any style, and any medium—whether it's print, video, or digital. Whatever you want to dream up, you should know how to make a logo in Illustrator How to Crop Pages in a PDF Document Crop PDF pages separately. The second option of this online tool aims to, well, reduce the size of your PDF even for Free Sep 04, 2019 · Add Crop Marks and Bleeds in an Existing Illustrator File. The quickest way I've found is once you save your ai file, if you need the swatches again, you can reopen the file you made them in, then just copy and paste a rectangle filled with the swatch into a new document. The swatch will then appear in the swatches palette of your new document How to draw lines in Adobe Illustrator. Note: In this tutorial ElectrodealPro done on Adobe Illustrator CS5, however you can apply the steps on all llustrator versions to draw straight lines. Step 1: Choose a tool Pen Tool from the toolbox or click key P. If you click while holding the mouse button on the Pen Tool for about 1 second, the other.

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Software: Illustrator CS4 and later Project time: 5 mins (grid only) Skills: Structure type and illustration more efficiently, Create a modular grid system in Illustrator Made famous by Swiss graphic designers such as Josef Müller-Brockmann and Wim Crouwel as far back as the 1920s and 30s, the use of a grid system can be hugely beneficial to all creat Creating a pen in the horizontal position first is the most effective way of creating the sketch. Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and draw a path which will represent the left end of the pen. It has a usual rectangular shape. Change the Stroke to None, and the fill color to green. Grab the Ellipse Tool (L) and illustrate an elliptical path as shown. Since the Crop Tool only affects the 'final product' (aka your canvas), it is unable to affect layers individually. Fortunately, there are a few great ways to crop a layer in Photoshop without the Crop Tool. How To Crop A Layer In Photoshop - 3 Simple Methods. Now that you have the Crop Tool in your distant memory let's focus on what. Illustrator is a vector program, unlike Photoshop, and importing high quality rasterised images is an absolute must. File > Place This is widely considered the most popular technique when considering how to embed images in illustrator After updating to Adobe CC 2015, there were some small changes that drove me completely nuts, especially in Photoshop and Illustrator. I spent an ungodly amount of time combing through preferences and tool settings (I even watched a video to relearn how to use the crop tool in Photoshop), and I think I finally have Photoshop and Illustrator set to the point where I can actually use them.

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