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You can write a macro and bind it to a key, or key sequence. For example, in my muttrc I include this line: macro index \Cs <change-folder> =JWR/INBOX.Sent<enter> go to Sent Items It takes me to my Sent items with Ctrl s 8. You can rename IMAP folder in mutt, while you are changing a folder and you are in the list of folders: 'c?'. (change folder, then use a list of folders). When you are on the folder, which has to been renamed, use 'r' key and you will be asked for the new name of folder. Share I cannot change folder when using Mutt read-only (Mutt -R) This is certainly because you are using macros like this one: macro index,pager <f2> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/personal<enter><change-folder>!<enter>' This macro tells Mutt to sync (which is a write operation) before switching. Either use the sidebar or set another macro

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The change-folder function always prompt for the same mailbox. This is not a bug, this is actually an intended behaviour. See the multiple accounts section for a workaround. I cannot change folder when using Mutt read-only (Mutt -R) This is certainly because you are using macros like this one With the above shortcuts (or with the sidebar) you will find that changing folders (with c by default) is not contextual, i.e. it will not list the folders of the current mailbox, but of the one used the last time you changed folders. To make the behaviour more contextual, the trick is to press = or + for current mailbox

# Macros for switching accounts macro index <f2> '<sync-mailbox><refresh><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/gmail<enter><change-folder>!<enter>' macro index <f3> '<sync-mailbox><refresh><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/fastmail<enter><change-folder>!<enter>' You see that I added the <refresh> just before sourcing the files with unmailboxes. This. Mutt updates the status of all directories every time an input is received from the keyboard. We normally want to be notified of new emails even on idle, without the need to press a key. The variable which governs this behavior is timeout. It takes a value in seconds which is the maximum time to wait for an input from the user Mutt & Maildir Mini-HOWTO Introduction. This document describes how to use the Maildir format with the Mutt MUA.It has technical and performance advantages over the mbox format.. It is supported by MTA's like Exim, Postfix and qmail, MDA's like maildrop and procmail and IMAP4/POP3 servers like Dovecot and Courier to just name a few

Breaking down the parts of the macro: <change-folder> - the change folder prompt in the index menu ? - starts the file browser (the browser menu) <change-dir> - changes the current listed directory in the browser menu -- Kevin J. McCarthy GPG Fingerprint: 8975 A9B3 3AA3 7910 385C 5308 ADEF 7684 8031 6BD Recently, I switched to ProtonMail as a way of increasing my privacy online and moving away from the data as currency model of Google and Facebook (as part of this same effort, I closed my Facebook in favor of creating this blog!). However, most of what I describe here has been my setup for a while due to my penchant for two things: Wanting to keep my emails backed up (and a local copy. Mutt is a low resource, highly configurable command line e-mail client. Mutt itself is just a program for reading email. Combined with a text editor, POP/IMAP mail fetcher, and MTA, Mutt becomes a full fledged e-mail client. Mutt is available in the Debian repositories; # aptitude install mutt. to install it

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[quote]to be used in UI for change folder cmd: in mutt UI: c+sent[/quote] This works exactly as desired! I can change from a running mutt session to the sent file and back! Thanks for your kicks. system archived August 12, 2020, 9:29am #5. Home ; Categories ; FAQ/Guidelines. Using multiple IMAP accounts with Mutt. Mutt's configuration is sometime more a toolbox than something offering ready solutions, and how to I use multiple accounts? is one of the most FAQs. Here's a condensed version of my setup. In the most simple solution, just 'c'hange folders to the IMAP server: c imaps://imap.example.com <enter> c imaps.

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Mutt 1.14 Release Notes. Note: this is a review of some of the more interesting features in this release. For a complete list of changes please be sure to read the UPDATING file. Background Editin Setup Mutt For Gmail. Mutt is a text based mail client. It replaces GUI based programs like Thunderbird on a headless Raspberry Pi for instance. Some people even prefer it over the common GUI based mail programs because of its simplicity and the lack of distracting graphical eye candy Hi mutt experts, I'm fighting an problem with folder-hooks that I did not find a good answer for. I basically have two IMAP accounts in mutt, personal and work. What I would like to do is that if a new mail or reply is written in a in folder (except INBOX), the new mail or the reply should be stored in that folder Notmuch is a mail indexer. Essentially, is a very thin front end on top of xapian.Much like Sup, it focuses on one thing: indexing your email messages.Notmuch can be used as an email reader, or simply as an indexer and search tool for other MUAs, like mutt

Switching accounts is achieved through the shortcut keys assigned in the muttrc file and the y key will let you move between mailboxes. If you run into trouble it can be very helpful to run Mutt in debug mode. This can be done with the command line option and argument mutt -d 2 By default, ^D is bound to delete-thread. This configuration remaps this function to dat (for delete a thread).. By default, ^U is bound to undelete-thread. This default binding is rendered superfluous by this configuration. (By default, deleting a message in mutt only flags it for deletion; until changes are registered with $/sync-mailbox, the actual mailstore remains unaffected. c (change folder) ? (list) d (delete-mailbox) Move a mail to another directory: s (move) Shift+c (copy) Move mails to another directory: t (flag mails) ; (to point out to mutt that we will work with flagged mails) s (move) Searc This will bind the search command to ESC+m (or ALT-m) and then create a change-folder command to go to the search results folder (ESC+f or ALT-f). Mutt itself can be a bit of a beast to setup the first time around. The first thing to do is to create the configuration directory where all of the mutt files will live: ~/.mutt

[SOLVED] Mutt does not change the unread flag on the IMAP server and other Mutt questions: TobiSGD: Linux - Software: 1: 10-09-2012 08:44 AM: mutt does not honour mutt.rc 'use_from' entry when accepting piped input: davidchall: Linux - Software: 0: 05-28-2012 02:13 AM: Mutt experts - Mutt won't use the Maildir I specify in .muttrc. The same happens when I delete a message on the current Mutt folder using Gmail's web interface. I've been trying to fix this since yesterday, with no success. I've sought for answers in the Mutt Wiki, here, etc

# -*- muttrc -*-# # macros for mutt.# Macros for use in the index. macro index \Cx\Cb <change-folder>?# Folder list. macro index \Cx\Cs <pipe-message>cat. Here are my mutt configuration files : muttrc. set header_cache = ~/.cache/mutt set message_cachedir = ~/.cache/mutt set imap_check_subscribed set imap_keepalive = 300 unset imap_passive set mail_check = 60 set mbox_type=Maildir set edit_headers = yes set editor=vim set use_from=yes ## ACCOUNT2 source ~/.mutt/obsmuttrc folder-hook. change-folder is bound to 'c' by default, IIRC, so: c!<CR> I have the macro: macro pager I <change-folder>!\r so that I can just type 'I' to go to my inbox. I don't think it can be done (without quitting and staring Mutt again), but I'd like to if it is possible. Well in most cases, /var/mail/user *is* your inbox (spoolfile). ! is a. macro index <f4> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>\ source ~/.mutt/imap.account1\ <enter><change-folder>!<enter>' macro index <f5> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>\ source ~/.mutt/imap.acount2\ <enter><change-folder>!<enter>' That it. Hopefully this wasn't too sparse for you to get Neomutt functioning with multiple accounts. If you have any.

Implement Lightweight Profiles to switch between email personae. Setup: Make personal.profile and work.profile files and use them to configure the things that are unique to each identity, e.g. # -*- muttrc -*- # Mutt sender profile : personal/default # get us out of whatever default folder we're in unset folder # reset us to the right folder and mailboxes for this persona set folder = ~/.mail. The proper way to configure this would be to tell mutt about accessing the mailboxes through some sort of protocol that allows user authentication so that the mailboxes get touched as the correct user. You can do this by adding macros to your ~/.muttrc file like this: # Utility macro to change sent, drafts and other folders after changing. Within mutt, type c to change to a different mailbox. After c, you can type the path to the mailbox, or you can use one of the shortcuts (see Mailbox shortcuts in the manual). In order to change the Default Email Address of Mail App on iPhone, you first need to make sure that you have an Alternate Email Address available in the Mail App Mutt does not change the unread flag on the IMAP server and other Mutt questions At first let me describe my setup: I am running a separate machine which fetches the mails from my different mail accounts using fetchmail, those mails are sorted into different folders and offered via IMAP using dovecot and dovecot-sieve

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~/Maildir/.lists.mutt-users. There are good reasons to use mutt directly on the machine from time to time. Unfortunately, these folder names aren't exactly suitable for mutt use. It works, but the leading dot is a pain, and tab completion only honours '/' as a delimiter for folders, not '.' Having been using mutt for several years, I have to say my mutt configuration evolves, either following changes in new technology or concepts with email processing. In early days when POP3 was still the go-to option, mutt was setup to hook up with fetchmail to get email from server, then procmail/maildrop would do some processing, including.

Command-line email client mutt has a well-deserved reputation as a powerhouse of an email client. It's fast, flexible and, best of all, surprisingly easy to use. In this guide we give you Step-By-Step instructions for setting up Mutt email client on Ubuntu using Gmail. 1. sudo apt-get install mutt. 2 ### # ~/.mutt/muttrc ### # directories and commands set alias_file = ~/.mutt/alias # alias file set mailcap_path = ~/.mutt/mailcap # w3m html viewing set header_cache = ~/.mutt/cache/headers # where to store headers set message_cachedir = ~/.mutt/cache/bodies # where to store bodies set certificate_file = ~/.mutt/certificates # where to store.

notmuch-mutt can be used to integrate notmuch with the Mutt mail user agent (unsurprisingly, given the name). To that end, you should define macros like the following in your Mutt configuration (usually one of: ~/.muttrc , /etc/Muttrc, or a configuration snippet under /etc/Muttrc.d/ ): The first macro (activated by <F8>) prompts the user for. Since I'm paranoid about protecting my identitity, let's say that the google apps account is vera@hill.com and my gmail account is verahill@gmail.com (it isn't). Here's how it can be done: 1. create ~/.mutt. 2. You want to create the following files in ~/.mutt : private.account. work.account

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This is a guide to use Mutt offline, syncing all data when the internet connection is available again. This guide is based primarily on this guide , with a few sprinkles from this one and this other one added in. Note that many of the scripts and configuration files on this page are based on the ones at those links r00tusr@cloudbox# mutt. To send a message type the letter m. enter an email: recipients_email@server.com. enter a subject: Test encrypted email. enter a email body: Encrypted email message!! (This is actually using nano as an editor so used ctrl+x and save file to exit) Next to encrypt the message type the letter p Re: 1.5.17 batch mode does not append .signature - Roger Cornelius [Mutt] #2997: Missparsed/decoded headers in index view on IMAP server - Mutt: sendbox patch, again - Aron Griffis: Re: [Mutt] #2998: change_folder_next has vanished - Mutt: Re: Mixmaster - Brian Salter-Duke: Re: [Mutt] #2998: change_folder_next has vanished - Mutt [PATCH] fix segfault in maildir new mail detection with hcache. Mutt does not support virtual folders, so there is nothing fancy really about how I use Notmuch as I only use it for search (not tagging). I have a macro to call `mutt-notmuch.py` (there is a Perl version as well) to: search, create a temporary read-only maildir based on the current TTY, and lastly populate in with symlinks to the search. Make sure the rc.local can be executed: sudo chmod 0755 /etc/rc.local. sudo bash cp /home/pi/.muttrc /root. sudo nano /etc/watchdog.conf. Uncomment the lines file and change and set them to: file = /tmp/domoticz.log change = 300. This setting will restart the pi when domoticz.log hasn't been updated in 5 minutes, the time is in seconds (tested)

I'm using Debian 5.0.4, exim4 and mutt. I would like all outgoing mail sent by any/all users CC (not BCC) to a specified e-mail account. (I do have it working for BCC using 'unseen'.) I have spent hou | The UNIX and Linux Forum These are really the bare-bones commands you need for mutt to work with Gmail (customize to suit passwords and email address): # A basic .muttrc for use with Gmail. # Change the following six.

Mutt is a mail user agent (MUA), meaning its job is to read, compose, and send email to an outbound mail spool. It's the job of some other application or service to actually transfer a message to or from a mail server (although there's a lot of integration with Mutt so that it seems like it's doing all the work even when it's not. Python version of the mutt-notmuch scrip Mutt understands either two or four digit year specifications. When given a two-digit year, neomutt will interpret values less than 70 as lying in the 21st century (i.e., 38 means 2038 and not 1938, and 00 is interpreted as 2000), and values greater than or equal to 70 as lying in the 20th century mutt. Mutt is a fantastic MUA. Its tagline is all mail clients suck, this one just sucks less, but I really love mutt. It may come as a surprise that working with email can be a pleasure, especially if you're accustomed to working with clunky webmail UIs, but mutt makes it so. Here's a pruned-down version of one of my .muttrc files (or mutt wil prompt you to add the certificate automatically) Place the next in .muttrc ONLY if you have priority conflicts with other accounts : set pop_authenticators=digest-md5:apop:use

A few years ago I installed Notmuch on my computer in order to keep an index of my mailbox. Though Notmuch is quite awesome, I didn't fully configure it until recently. As I eventually moved from Mutt to NeoMutt for its native Notmuch backend integration (and a bunch of other cool features too) I began to rely more on it. As messages are indexed by Notmuch in term of messages and threads, one. Mutt, and neomutt. This has been shamelessly stolen from mutt-office365 on Github, with hints from Stanford's mutt configuration suggestions, and some local modifications. Build and configuration. The copy of mutt to be used should have TLS (nee SSL) and PGP support tags 631932 - sid reassign 631932 libsasl2-modules found 631932 2.1.24~rc1.dfsg1+cvs2011-05-23-4 thanks Am 28.06.2011 um 13:23 schrieb Klaus Ethgen: > Package: mutt > Version: 1.5.21-4.1 > Severity: minor > Tags: sid > > Since one update weeks ago there is always a message in logfiles mutt: > DIGEST-MD5 common mech free when starting mutt

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  1. Changing Fonts and Size on Mailbox Views To change your view fonts or size in Outlook perform the following steps: Click on the View tab. Then click View Settings
  2. I suggest you create a directory called ~/.mutt/ and put all of your mutt related stuff inside instead of a single ~/.muttrc/. The central configuration file is ~/.mutt/muttrc and if you use multiple accounts, I suggest to add additional account specific config files that get sourced once you enter a folder of the account in question
  3. Here are two things about me that some people don't know: I like e-mail. I mean, nobody looks forward to going through 700 e-mails every morning (which is about how many I get that I have to at least glance at), but it's far better than 700 meetings, 700 HipChats, 700 Slack messages, or anything else that requires synchronous attention. I'm all about being able to asynchronously serially.

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  1. 6. Reference 6.1 Command line options. Running mutt with no arguments will make Mutt attempt to read your spool mailbox. However, it is possible to read other mailboxes and to send messages from the command line as well.-A expand an alias -a attach a file to a message -b specify a blind carbon-copy (BCC) address -c specify a carbon-copy (Cc) address -e specify a config command to be run after.
  2. # .mutt/muttrc folder-hook 'example.com' 'source ~/.mutt/account.example' folder-hook 'otherdomain.tld' 'source ~/.mutt/account.otherdomain' # switch to default account on startup source ~/.mutt/account.example A slight variation of the macros also uses the account files
  3. chown - Unix, Linux Command - chown - To change owner, change the user and/or group ownership of each given File to a new Owner. Chown can also change the ownership of a file to match the u
  4. g you've clicked to read this post, I don't need to sell you on the benefits of using mutt or a similar CLI client to handle your email load. You may be dealing with some

Mutt is a text-based mail client renowned for its powerful features. Though over two decades old, Mutt remains the mail client of choice for a great number of power users. Mutt focuses primarily on being a Mail User Agent (MUA), and was originally written to view mail The Homely Mutt. Posted on October 1st, 2012. Now that Sparrow is effectively dead many of its users will be looking for a new email client. If you're not afraid of the terminal you may want to give Mutt a try.. Mutt certainly isn't the prettiest email client around, and its setup/configuration process is one of the ugliest out there SASL is required for mutt to authenticate using smtps (apparently). I'd be lying if I quite understood why it is needed, but I know it was the difference between working and not working. Apt has it listed as recommended, which isn't a bug since you don't need it to run mutt The Sidebar shows a list of all your mailboxes. The list can be turned on and off, it can be themed and the list style can be configured. This part of the manual is suitable for beginners. If you already know NeoMutt you could skip ahead to the main Sidebar guide. If you just want to get started, you could use the sample Sidebar neomuttrc Click Options — at the right of the menu bar — and select Change Folder and Search Options. 4. In the new window that opens, select the View tab. In the Advanced Settings options.

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Mutt. Mutt configuration includes commands for a few common tasks. Note that I'm still using the old unpackaged version of mutt-notmuch; as soon as I update to wheezy (or the notmuch-mutt package enters squeeze-backports) I will update them. First of all plain search, almost straight from Zacchiroli's manpage Edit: fastmail configuration added -- see beneath original post Here's my situation: I have a personal gmail account, and a google apps gmail account via my job notmuch-mutt can be used to integrate notmuch with the Mutt mail user agent (unsurprisingly, given the name). To that end, you should define macros like the following in your Mutt configuration (usually one of: ~/.muttrc , /etc/Muttrc , or a configuration snippet under /etc/Muttrc.d/ ) Here's what you need to have in your mutt config if you want to mutt + gmail imap: set realname = YOUR_NAME SURNAME set from = LOGIN@gmail.com set signature = ~/.mutt/sign set imap_user = LOGIN set folder = imaps://imap.gmail.com:993 set postponed = +[Gmail]/Drafts #set spoolfile =..

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  1. Provided by: mutt_1.10.1-2_amd64 NAME muttrc - Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent DESCRIPTION A mutt configuration file consists of a series of commands
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